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This Bud’s For You! March 6, 2011

Posted by littlebangtheory in Art and Nature, macro photos.
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I was in southern Connecticut yesterday, and couldn’t help noticing that, weather wise, things there have moved considerably farther toward Spring than they have up our way.

And I necessarily got to Jonesin’ for some color.

From our kitchen island, an iris bud portends the coming change of season:

…courtesy of Ziggy, my 50mm macro lens.

This bud’s store-bought (Trader Joe’s, if you care,) but it won’t be long until the first local color appears.

I’m psyched!


1. kkryno - March 6, 2011

This pic certainly holds the promise of spring!

2. Pagan Sphinx - March 6, 2011

That’s so pretty, especially that deep blue with the yellow. Gorgeous capture.

My Amaryllis from Linda is just starting to open. It’s a pink one this year!

Are you and Susan going to the spring bulb show at Smith? It started this weekend. We’re going to wait until next weekend. Wish it was possible to go during the weekday but they close at 4:00. Too many people means fewer good pictures!

3. littlebangtheory - March 6, 2011

Vikki, yes, it does! 🙂

Gina, thanks. My amaryllis is gone by, with the last blossoms beginning to fade. Take pictures of your, ‘k?

Susan and I hope to get to the bulb show next weekend, and there’s also a circus in town which she’s interested in, and the possibility of Ursi coming for a visit – it could be a busy couple of days! Just in case it gets too crazy, I’m going to try to be at Smith at 8:30 tomorrow (Monday) morning. I’m planning on begging them to let me take a tripod in, as weekends are way too busy and it’s not allowed. Wish me luck, and be sure to get down there yourselves!

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