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Plenty Of Snow! February 8, 2011

Posted by littlebangtheory in Art and Nature.
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Snow:  Yeah, we got that!

This has been a very good winter in Western Massachusetts for those of us who like snow.  Despite a fair amount of sleet and freezing rain, the fluffy stuff has still managed to pile up:

In fact, it’s getting difficult to heave the new stuff up over the old stuff!  It’s also putting a heck of a load on area roofs*:

Fortunately our barn is structurally sound and has a steepish roof – that’d be a helluva snow removal job!

…And oh, by the way, it’s snowing again as I type this!  🙂

* I just heard on the radio that 149 roofs have collapsed in Massachusetts in the past week.  I’m very sure that figure doesn’t include many older structures out in the hills, as such happenings are taken in stride by us hill-folk  and don’t necessarily warrant reporting, except over coffee at the local breakfast nook.



1. Frau Biergut - February 8, 2011

I never would have thought of our walkway as being a slot canyon, but it sure looks like one.


2. littlebangtheory - February 8, 2011

Yeah it does! And I hear there’s more on the way. I mean, besides the four inches last night and what’s falling right now. 🙂

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