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Cape Cod, Part Deux. January 4, 2011

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(“Tish, that’s French!” )  Three points for nailing the reference.

So anyway, where were we?  Ah, yes, heading up/out the Cape in search of lighthouses and ocean views.

After catching sunrise at Nobska Light and the requisite (and totally recommendable) Big-Ass Breakfast at The Daily Paper in Hyannis, Lizz and I continued up-coast to Nauset Light in Eastham.  This light, like the Nobska Point Light, is comprised of a cast iron shell lined with brick.  It has something of an interesting history, having been threatened by beach erosion in the early 90s; it came within 50 feet of a collapsing sand shoreline before being relocated 336 feet westward to its present location.

It also has the honor of being the logo for Cape Cod Potato Chips.  🙂

We got there mid-morning, when the light isn’t particularly flattering or memorable, but I got this photo anyway:

The beach itself is well below the present location of the light:

In fact, Marconi built his station to send the first radio transmission to Europe not far north of here in South Wellfleet because of the substantial elevation above sea level.

We noodled onward, killing time during the flat light of mid-day, eventually getting up to Provincetown, the fabled resort mecca which is New England’s answer to Key West in Florida.  At this time of year it’s, um, sleepy to put it mildly, but in summer it’s reputed to be a really hopping place.  😉

This was fine with us, though; we weren’t there to photograph crowds, after all.

We parked along the Cape Cod National Seashore, where we found a visitors’ center shuttered for the season:

… and walked up the beach toward its Northwestern tip.

The dunes here are amazing:

…tall, extensive, and anchored by grasses which progress season to season:

They offered me an opportunity for this self-portrait:

Humor me, ok?

The walk up the beach seemed interminable, but was offset by views captured by Elliot, my TS-EII lens:

… terminating at Race Point Light at the farthest reaches of the Cape:

Lizz was hard at work capturing the details of the scene when I arrived:

She has a great eye for the geometry of details which routinely escape my notice.

Incidentally, if the idea of being a long way from the pavement and surrounded by crashing surf appeals to you,  the keeper’s house and out-buildings with amenities can be rented as B&Bs.

Bring a camera and an intimate friend.  😉

The walk back yielded this shot of a lobster trap washed up on the beach beneath a waxing gibbous moon:

…and a glorious sunset, despite the sub-optimal low clouds:

That’s another one courtesy of Elliot, getting a really nice depth of field to compensate me for my very wet shoes.

To top it all off, Lizz snagged us both a ride back to her truck in a passing Jeep, saving us the tedium of the return trudge in the dark.

Good company, great views and the kindness of strangers – who could ask for a better day out?

Not me!  🙂

The Dooryard. January 4, 2011

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I snapped this one off during our most recent “snow event,” which yielded less than advertised but enough to make things look seasonally appropriate:

This is looking out our stove-room window past a [not-lit] bamboo star and prayer flags, and was taken not so much to document the weather event as to check out the continuous-focus feature of my camera (I was panning, and only saved this one,) but I liked the image enough to share it.

The snow’s about gone now and we’re into a Mini-Mud Season, which is inherently butt-ugly, so shooting may be light ’till we get more winter.

Guess it’s time to finish processing my Cape Cod photos…

Boston, MA. January 1, 2011

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I had the opportunity to take my younger daughter Ursula back to Boston this Friday, and that being an hours-long excursion, I skulked about town for a while before heading home.

I’d been trying to find a vantage point to photograph the Zakim Bunker Hill Bridge for, um, years without much success.  Cops couldn’t point me at it (over it yes, but under it, nuh-uh,)  maps didn’t help.  Finally I asked a Middle-Eastern cabbie, and don’tcha know, he nailed it.  Up two lights, take a right, look for the Sumner Tunnel ($3.50 at the booth,) left at the first two forks, right at the third.  Cross the Charlestown Bridge, take your next three rights, and park at the Charles River Information Center.

Thank you, Mister Cabbie.

I got pretty near through those directions before I lost my way and parked in deep snow on Harvard Street in Charlestown and walked toward my Siren, passing these bronze fish in City Square:

That’s the Zakim in the back-ground, by the way.

A little more walking through Boston’s infamous traffic got me this shot, from above the Charles River Information Center:

I dug the spiral mosaic in the middle of the winding granite stairway down to the park, which was “under construction” and offered no views worth sharing.

So, back to City Square in East Boston:

…and off to my car for the homeward trek.

Happy New Year to all of you out there in the blogosphere, and best wishes for a more hopeful 2011.