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Gone Local! January 24, 2011

Posted by littlebangtheory in Art and Nature, Politics and Society.
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The hill across the river from our place hosts a ski area (just around the corner from our view of the mountain) and, as of late, a wind turbine!

I think it’s pretty cool, having home-grown power rather than busing it in through countless miles of powerline clearings, and without creating pollutants.

I know, “They kill birds!”

Nukes kill fish, and by the tens of thousands.

“They make noise!!”

So does mountaintop removal mining, while it “removes” the entire mountain and fills in the surrounding valleys with toxic tailings.

I went up the back of the mountain the other day to see how close  I could get – I’d heard they had closed the gate on the access road at one point, and didn’t have time for a long walk, so I was hoping to get close enough to at least see the thing up close.

Turned out they’d opened the road again but hadn’t plowed it – it was being used as a snowmobile track!  But there were truck tire marks all the way, so I followed them until…

There!  The road was clear all the way.

I got out and set up my tripod, making myself narrow to let a gaggle of sledders pass, then took this long-ish shot to get the motion of the majestically spinning blades.

These things are big

That left-hand green electrical cabinet was taller than me (alright, no wise cracks!  😉 )

The view to the east was nice, and might make for a good sunrise shot:

If you knew where to look you could see our house in the valley bottom, just between the rocks.

Damn,  that’s big!

…And by the way, it was all but silent, though I understand they can get louder when the wind picks up.

All of these shots are basically straight out of the box – I didn’t feel like staying up tonight, as 5 o’clock is going to come early tomorrow!

G’night now.


1. Laurie B - January 25, 2011

We’re in NZ for the time being and everywhere you might look here is eye candy. We’ll be back home to W.MA soon enough and thank you for you photos and we are relieved that you didn’t go out shoeing around on your own.

We don’t get to be old without being smart.

2. Bob - January 25, 2011

Just a few miles north of the Costa Rica-Nicaragua border, on the western shore of Lake Nicaragua and right next to the PanAm Highway, is a windfarm – still being added to – of about 50 towers about that same size. In the distance there is an active volcanic island in the lake.

I think that’s my favorite spot of the trip from home to here (I’m in Granada NI on my quarterly visa trip)… The ultra modern and the raw Nature.

3. littlebangtheory - January 25, 2011

Laurie, you’re making me drool. If there’s any place I’m dying to visit, it’s NZ!

Bob, that sounds like a real mind-bender – wind turbines and a volcanic island, how cool is that??

4. Laurie B - January 26, 2011

Hey CR, find your way for a 90 day visa. Backpackers stays are really affordable, clean linens and a self cooking kitchen. Arrange for a “free hikers pass” (not free but cheap) for the Milford Track or other tracks before you arrive. It takes a year in the queue to get a date scheduled.
Climbers from all over the world train at Mt Cook/Aoraki, Bring friends and Gizmo, you will never want to leave once you arrive.

I’m still puzzling out when and how Orion show in our neck of the woods, he’s upside down here as well. You’re an engineer, you explain that, would ya?

5. susan - January 28, 2011

Wild nature and high tech is an excellent combo.

6. the big bang theory - January 20, 2014

My brother suggested I might like this website.
He was entirely right. This post actually made my day.

You can not imagine just how much time I had spent for this information!

littlebangtheory - January 20, 2014

BBT, Welcome, though I’m sorry to say that this blog has been sleeping for a long while… I hope you enjoy browsing through the archives here!

If it’s my photographs which you find engaging, I’m spending a lot of time posting new work (and some old stuff) on Facebook as Ralph Munn. Come see what I’m up to!

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