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Sun Through Clouds. January 13, 2011

Posted by littlebangtheory in Art and Nature.
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As I was coming back over the hills this afternoon, the sun was struggling to break through blowing patches of mid-level clouds as winds whipped snow-burdened branches and filled the air with glistening crystals.  Six f-stops of graduated filters brought down the sky enough to capture this shot of a field in Windsor:

…and a bit later…

[I’m vamping for some space here

because these two pictures look horrible together,

though they look good separately,

so  I hope you’ll scroll through the site

and view them independently]

…this one of the forty inches reported in Savoy:

Both of these were timing challenges; to precisely position grad filters, the sensor needs to be exposed for “live viewing,” and can be damaged by straight-on sun shots, so most of the set-up had to occur while the clouds were thick enough to totally obscure the sun, with the final capture occurring just as the disk of the sun became apparent through the thinning clouds.

At any rate, the snow was deep, the light was fun, and once again, I dug it.


1. beatgrl - January 14, 2011

Those are totally amazing – good job!

2. littlebangtheory - January 14, 2011

Thanks, BG.

3. Bob - January 16, 2011

Cuz, unless you have monetary [or other] reasons for not doing so (meaning, yes, you could sell these as prints), you should really figger out how to get a larger copy embedded in the post.

Long-winded way of saying, I’d love to have a HUUGE version of that second shot. It would have to be a wintertime desktop image.

4. littlebangtheory - January 16, 2011


As one of the original few who expressed appreciation of my photographic efforts, you’re more than welcome to anything I’ve produced along the way. Without your encouragement this foray into the photographic realm might have crashed and burned, and I can’t thank you enough for your support.

I’m trying to send you a TIFF file of the shot you mentioned; let me know if it doesn’t arrive intact.

5. susan - January 16, 2011

These are very cleverly done and absolutely beautiful to boot.

6. Bob - January 16, 2011

Ralph, it’s Sunday 11:20pm (your time), and I’ve received nothing as yet.

Are you familiar with the photo organizer/sharer Picasa? It’s free and pretty straightforward in use (because I know you claim to be non-computer-literate).

littlebangtheory - January 17, 2011

Resent Monday AM, both as a TIFF and a reduced-size jpeg. Wish me luck!

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