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Short Bus Mystery. January 5, 2011

Posted by littlebangtheory in Art and Nature, Love and Death, Politics and Society.
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So way up in Colrain, along the side of a dirt road which dead-ends at a farm up in the hills, sits this Short Bus, bleached virtually white by its idle time and grown in amongst saplings of ever increasing girth:

Details tell a tale, but the message is muddled.  The smokestack reaching from the roof at mid-frame suggests a live-in Keseyan “Further,” while the back end’s heavy welded platform and cement mixer suggests…


Ah, Colrain, font of mysteries and birthplace of the tooth brush.


1. susan - January 5, 2011

Plans for footings, perhaps?

During our drive through the Maritimes on the way here we passed miles and miles of train boxcars rusting on sidings. It was strange.

2. littlebangtheory - January 5, 2011

Equally strange, I’m sure. The past leaves us not lightly, if at all.

3. Adam - January 6, 2011

Hey, that’s my neck of the woods (Greenfield, actually, and it was many years ago). And we were convinced that Leyden was the true source of the toothbrush.

4. littlebangtheory - January 6, 2011

Adam, welcome, and thanks for commenting!

Leyden is indeed in the running, though if you’ve ever been through Monroe Bridge (“Squeal like a piggie!”) you know that contenders abound in these parts.

5. llazyiest - October 15, 2011

I think the cement mixer was being used as an the mobile outhouse.

6. littlebangtheory - October 15, 2011

llaziest, welcome!

…and we may never know, as the whole thing is gone now. 😉

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