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Boston, MA. January 1, 2011

Posted by littlebangtheory in Art and Nature.

I had the opportunity to take my younger daughter Ursula back to Boston this Friday, and that being an hours-long excursion, I skulked about town for a while before heading home.

I’d been trying to find a vantage point to photograph the Zakim Bunker Hill Bridge for, um, years without much success.  Cops couldn’t point me at it (over it yes, but under it, nuh-uh,)  maps didn’t help.  Finally I asked a Middle-Eastern cabbie, and don’tcha know, he nailed it.  Up two lights, take a right, look for the Sumner Tunnel ($3.50 at the booth,) left at the first two forks, right at the third.  Cross the Charlestown Bridge, take your next three rights, and park at the Charles River Information Center.

Thank you, Mister Cabbie.

I got pretty near through those directions before I lost my way and parked in deep snow on Harvard Street in Charlestown and walked toward my Siren, passing these bronze fish in City Square:

That’s the Zakim in the back-ground, by the way.

A little more walking through Boston’s infamous traffic got me this shot, from above the Charles River Information Center:

I dug the spiral mosaic in the middle of the winding granite stairway down to the park, which was “under construction” and offered no views worth sharing.

So, back to City Square in East Boston:

…and off to my car for the homeward trek.

Happy New Year to all of you out there in the blogosphere, and best wishes for a more hopeful 2011.



1. susan - January 3, 2011

The light is just perfect in these and the images were well worth your trek. I always loved Boston and hope to see the place again. Meanwhile I can come and look at your pictures.

2. littlebangtheory - January 5, 2011

Well do, please! 🙂

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