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Salmon Falls Sunrise. December 12, 2010

Posted by littlebangtheory in Art and Nature.
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Saturday’s sunrise wasn’t what I’d hoped for, that is, worth getting up in the pre-dawn darkness on my day off.  The skies were primarily densely overcast, with an unfortunate clear band on the eastern horizon.

While it didn’t result in the glory I had witnessed in my rear view mirror on the way to work on Friday, it did make for this interesting reflection shot:

Shooting into the sun is always tricky, but I liked the “ghost” in the lower part of the shot, which rescues the placid waters above the Shelburne Falls dam from being a pointless swath of gray.

The falls themselves were beginning to ice up, and I took advantage of the low light to get this long exposure:

Here’s a closer look at a part of that scene, with the light having come up a bit as I snapped away happily in the brisk morning air:

As morning broke full-on, I headed up river for a day of chasing water and ice.

More on that as I process the pics.


1. susan - December 17, 2010

Totally neat pictures but now I’ll remain curious about what you saw and couldn’t stop to capture.

2. TheCunningRunt - December 20, 2010

Susan, it was a Sunrise Sundae of flocculent raspberry chiffon exploding across the dome of Heaven.

Probably had to be there… 🙂

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