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President Sanders. December 10, 2010

Posted by littlebangtheory in Politics and Society.
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‘Nuff said.


1. Cynica - December 11, 2010

Hell to the yes.

2. pagan sphinx - December 12, 2010

Is there supposed to be a link here?

3. littlebangtheory - December 12, 2010

Welcome, Cynica. Yeah, I’d vote for him twice if I could – and I’m not even a “constituent” yet, at least not of the Vermont type!

And no, Pagan, I’m just sayin’. I spent an hour on the phone with Senator Sanders on Tuesday night (along with about 5,000 others!) and was blown away by his encyclopedic knowledge of Things Financial and the socio-political landscape.

I think that for this Democracy to survive, we need a lot more like him, who are willing to speak Truth to Power.

We’ll see how he fares in this post-Citizens United environment. I can’t imagine Amerika, Inc. will let him remain in office without a major fight.

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