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Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. November 30, 2010

Posted by littlebangtheory in Politics and Society.
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So now we know:  roughly 70% of enlisted folks would be fine with it’s repeal, allowing the same gay and lesbian service persons who now serve along side them to do so without violating their oaths of service by lying about who they are.

The media are all over this, and rightfully so – it puts to rest the obstructionist tactic of, “let’s wait and see what the military thinks of this idea!”

But then, 70% isn’t 100%, is it?  And the “Left Wing Media” is giving considerable credence to the 30% of enlisted people who oppose the abolition of DADT, mostly Marines (God bless them) and other Front-Liners, without passing judgment on them, ’cause you know, everybody’s opinion counts.

Well, I’M passing judgment.   The idea that a small contingent of homophobic bigots might hold back the advancement of civilization makes my stomach convulse.

Let every just, fair-minded man and woman point an accusing finger at those who stand in the way of full equality for our sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers who love someone of their own gender and howl, HOWL, “Not on my watch, not while I breathe, Not Ever!

We The People have spoken, as have the Generals and the Administration.

So be it.


1. clairz - November 30, 2010

Bless you! Let’s keep howling!

2. Mike - December 1, 2010

Your writing is as inspiring as your photography, and in very different ways. As for DADT, if a man is afraid of showering or bunking with a gay male (post-DADT Repeal), maybe they’re too fragile to be a marine…talk about sissies! Sorry for the rant but i hate this country’s reaction to homosexuals!!

3. littlebangtheory - December 1, 2010

Clairz, I’m hoarse from howlin’!

Mike, welcome, and thanks for the encouragement. I used to write more on socio/political issues (see the Politics and Society tab in my sidebar) but have of late been struck mute. When something burbles out like this, it feels good; perhaps it’s a sign that my voice might come back to me. I’d like that – I feel I still have work to do in this world, and shining the light of truth is an important part of it.

4. mauigirl - December 2, 2010

Well said! I’m tired of people giving so much credence to people who are just plain bigots. Same issue as same-sex marriage. If we had waited until everyone was OK with mixed-race marriage, people of different races STILL wouldn’t be able to marry. Since when are people’s rights subject to a vote? It is so wrong.

5. Frau Biergut - December 2, 2010

I just wonder what these folks are actually fighting for. Freedom? Shouldn’t gay folks be able to fight for freedom, too? Democracy? Shouldn’t gay folks be able to fight for democracy? If you’re fighting for America, you’re fighting for all of us. You don’t get to pick and choose which parts of America you fight for. You fight for it all or none of it.


6. littlebangtheory - December 2, 2010

mauigirl, all valid points which can’t be repeated often enough. Our system of government heavily weights the will of the majority, but is specifically structured to protect the rights of the minority. If it were up to a popular vote in the 1860s, we’d still have black slavery.

Frau B, you’re brilliant. That question ought to be asked of every person who joins our military.

Unfortunately, many “middle managers” in the military (and particularly in the Marines) indoctrinate their forces with Christian Fundamentalist dogma, drilling into them the “fact” that this is a war in defense of Christianity (as narrowly defined from their Fundamentalist perspective.) Chris Hedges has done some amazing work investigating this, as have many others.

But now I’m getting off on a Church-and-State tangent… see why I find it difficult to be active in these debates??

7. Paul in ABQ - December 3, 2010

Alas, Ralph, it’s not a tangent. The imposition of one group’s moral viewpoint (i.e., ick factor) on others lies at the core of this. You and the commenters here are comforting reminders that there are reasonable people left in this country. I have to say that my coworkers over the years have been supportive and, mostly, comfortable with me being an out gay man and it thus becomes a non-issue. As it should be. Methinks the Marines are wimps if they can’t deal with it.

8. Iknow!! - December 4, 2010

Hey Crunt: Your blather is of course a little misleading on the survey report: From “The Report of the Comprehensive Review of the Issues Associated with a Repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”…..”First, we did not “poll” the military or conduct a referendum on the overall question of
whether to repeal the current Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell law and policy. That was not our mission,
nor are military policy decisions made by referendum of Service members….” Many of the chiefs aren’t on board for the gaying of the military….

9. sherry - December 4, 2010

i still can’t believe that this should even be an issue. it should be a no brainer.

people are people!

10. susan - December 4, 2010

If you ask me we have a DADT culture in the US.
Banking fraud? DADT
Corporate fraud? DADT
Health care ripoff? DADT
Education reform? DADT
Man-made climate change? DADT
High crimes in government office? DADT
Rape and abuse in the military? DADT
I could go on but I’m sure you know the rest. The idea that gays in the military would be considered a problem is preposterous.

11. Iknow!! - December 4, 2010

Hey Crunty, Statistics can be fun! Lets take a really close look at the actual numbers in the survey concerning the gaying of the US military into sodomy……


12. littlebangtheory - December 4, 2010

“Iknow,” I let your first comment ride without comment, mostly because it “outs” you as a bigot and a jerk. This last one (and I do mean LAST) warrants only this reply: I don’t give a fuck what the shit-for-brains bigots of the world, and this includes you, have to say about this issue. There have ALWAYS been gays and lesbians in the military, and they’ve done their jobs as admirably and selflessly as their heterosexual counterparts.

This blog isn’t a forum for your brand of anti-intellectual bile; please don’t comment again or everything you write here will be deleted.

13. Iknow!! - December 4, 2010

Wow disagree with the most dangerous life-style in the world and your a bigot and jerk… Crunty, just because you either take it in the ass &/or love watching guys do it to each other does not give you the moral/intellectual high ground. I was merely pointing out that your “consensus” like most things in leftardia wasn’t really all that true and there is much room for doubt. But then liberals always have to lie to get their agendas passed… I will stop by now and then to see what U and your fellow libturds do in this echo-chamber where you play the role as the pivot man in this circle jerk…..

14. JenMR - December 5, 2010

Popping over from Shakesville.

“Iknow!!”, for name that evokes a sense of, perhaps, understanding or comprehension, I must point out that you are woefully ignorant…and, well, an outright effing asshole. Why do you think you have the right to come into littlebangtheory’s space and demand that they be held accountable to what amounts to the utter bullshit that dropped on this comment threat?

15. Iknow!! - December 5, 2010

[The text of this reply has been removed, as it was indefensibly insulting to another commenter.]

16. Iknow!! - December 5, 2010

Well Crunty good bye for good!

Political correctness has killed free speech and will do the same for the entire country as the incident at Fort Bragg is already proving my point.

JenMR can call me an “effing asshole” on this site but he-she-it is apparently too sensitive and Crunty and JenMR will cry and have their periods together if JenMR has to take any critism back even though there were no swear words in my post.

I noticed how political correctness has already dangerously erroded common sense in Crunty’s home state. (You probably are deluded enough to think that Islam will lay down in peace with the gays.)

My point, there is no super “majority consensus” from the military brass that supports gays in the military despite what Crunty would like everyone here to “Swallow.”

Crunty here desperately wants pogressives to continue to include gays (along with Muslims) on their roster of “oppressed minorities” whom they can then claim to represent and fight for rights… for a completely freely chosen lifestyle.

17. littlebangtheory - December 5, 2010


18. Comrade Svilova - December 6, 2010

[TW for sexual assault references]

Over from Shakesville as well. Fannie of Fannie’s Room has done a great job of discussing how the sexualized language of bigots reveals that what they are really afraid of is being “treated by gay men as they treat women.” This example from Iknow is a valuable illustration:

My point, there is no super “majority consensus” from the military brass that supports gays in the military despite what Crunty would like everyone here to “Swallow.” (Note the use of “swallow” and consider how often conservatives claim that the “gay agenda” is being “rammed down our throats.”)

But of course, statistically, gay men commit far fewer assaults on straight men than straight men commit on both women and gay men. This is a false construction of a fear OF the Other based upon the actions actually perpetrated ON the Other.

Gays and lesbians are in the military now; they just have to lie about their sexuality. How much healthier would be military culture if all of the service members could truly trust each other?

Thanks for the great post, LittleBangTheory.

19. littlebangtheory - December 6, 2010

Comrade S, well said. I noticed the use of “swallow” and thought I’d let it sit as a telling example of where this guy is coming from. The reality that his objections are fear-based is also quite plain.

The undeniable FACT that there are gays and lesbians currently serving admirably (albeit dishonestly, due to no fault of their own) is apparently beyond him, as are all inconvenient facts which challenge the comfortable fantasies of cowards.

Thanks so much for your comments; different perspectives and insights add to my understanding of this twisted world.

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