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I Shoot Horses, Don’t I? November 15, 2010

Posted by littlebangtheory in Art and Nature.
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…to paraphrase a movie title from days past.  🙂

And the answer is, “Why yes, in fact you do!”

Here are some shots from Sunday’s visit to the “Equine Affaire” in West Springfield, Massachusetts.

This was essentially a horse show in which participants are judged on both their physical attributes and, to varying degrees, their performance.  Competitions and demonstrations were held at the Eastern States Exposition grounds arena:

This, I’m told, got pretty exciting at times, including a night-time show involving every sort of high-stepping, stylized movement, trick riding and acts involving way too much fire.  There were cowboys on finely-bred stallions:

Gentlewomen on stately steeds:

And, of course, burros:

…for those of us less poisoned by hubris.

Susan was working the stalls, giving demonstrations of therapeutic equine massage.  She found a gentle little Gypsy horse:

…who really dug the attention to his stiff neck:

…and another guy whose name I’ve sadly forgotten:

…who, after a brief communication with his therapist:

…got a deep massage which had him twisting in his skin to get at it:

He all but proposed to her on the spot.

I was impressed by the personalities and sentience of many of the horses we interacted with, and I’m looking forward to photographing more of them!



1. Laurie B - November 15, 2010

Hey CR! Thanks for the photos of home you’ve posted. I’ve been a bit homesick and the photos of al of last week have refilled my sense of home.

My BEW and I are living for a few more months near Christchurch, New Zealand and it is gorgeous here too. Not quite like home but pretty damned decent.

Our cousin came along on our honeymoon 14 years ago and has since then immigrated and is now a citizen. Pay back is a bitch. We are living with her and her Aussie husband for a few more months.

Photo ops galore here too! Get on over sometime if you can.

2. clairz - November 15, 2010

Your words! Your photos! Your subjects!

Loved the last photo.

3. UM - November 19, 2010

LOVE HORSES! Though I must say, I don’t particularly like the idea of horse shows. Certainly a gargantuan step up from races — which I don’t doubt you share my disapproval of — but even the showing seems exploitative and strange. Don’t you find it objectifying? Perhaps I’m an extremist…In fact, I know I am!

But regardless, cool post. I’m sure the “hahsies” made lovely subjects.

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