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Ruby Tuesday – Caught Red-Handed! August 31, 2010

Posted by littlebangtheory in Art and Nature, macro photos, Ruby Tuesday!.

Ah, an afternoon walk in the garden…

Hey, what’s that munching sound I hear??

Um…  Hullo…  …  This your broccoli?  Yeah, guess it must be.  Heheh.  Sorry.  Didn’t think you’d mind if I…

Well, gotta go, see ya!

Actually, he was quite a handsome specimen, and let me get in close for a nice portrait:

Thanks, Little Guy.  Munch on!

For more Things Ruby, visit Mary over at Work of the Poet!


1. lisahgolden - August 31, 2010

Once again, I have camera envy. Those photos are awesome.

2. littlebangtheory - August 31, 2010

Why, Thank You, young lady! 😉

3. life ramblings - September 1, 2010

those shots are so beautifully captured. i particularly like the details of the last one, two thumbs up!

4. Mel Cole - September 1, 2010

Wow, you could sell those in an art show. hehehe, I’m with lisa, if only I have such camera. Great shots BTW.

Happy Ruby Tuesday!

My Ruby Tuesday post here

5. susan - September 3, 2010

Great shots, indeed.

We’re right above New England now in Fredericton, NB after driving from eastern Quebec today (Riviere du Loup is enough to make a photographer cry). The Appalachians of NB are incredible.

6. regszikora - September 6, 2010

one word for these pics…. WOW

7. TheCunningRunt - September 6, 2010

Again, Thanks All!

Susan, your NB (and move) photos are just gorgeous! Sorry I haven’t been commenting, it’s been a bit of a “train wreck” here, but keep it coming – as things settle down I’ll be pleased to follow your progress as you settle in and exploring your environs. 🙂

8. EG Wow, Canada - September 6, 2010

The stems are a lovely red!

Hmmm. I didn’t know Apple has airport problems! Thanks for the warning as I use a Mac.

9. EG Wow, Canada - September 6, 2010

Fabulous photo you took on your garden walk!

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