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A Rose, By Any Other Name… August 12, 2010

Posted by littlebangtheory in Art and Nature, macro photos.

…would smell so sweet, as they always do, my favorite flower scent.

C’mon, put your nose right here:

Aahhhh, the light,  pure essence which makes the invisible air beautiful!  But take care – as with so many things which are stunning to the eye, it may be best to look but resist touching.



1. clairz - August 13, 2010

Always with the philosophy!

Love the photo, the curves, the deliciousness. I can just smell it, never mind the consequences.

2. Laurie B - August 14, 2010

Hey CR, spent some time on the Marginal Way in Maine. Sniffed every single beach rose still in bloom, admired the false sunflowers at the Sparhawk walkway garden and just thought of you throughout.

Didn’t carry a camera but at that place where the the pebbles roll, I was thinking about how much you would enjoy that.

3. Carletta - August 16, 2010


4. regszikora - August 17, 2010

absolutely beautiful

5. littlebangtheory - August 17, 2010

Thanks, All.

Laurie, I sure would – haven’t been to the ocean yet this season, and now I think I’m likely to wait ’till after Labor Day to beat the crowds.

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