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A Visit To Mount Greylock. May 15, 2010

Posted by littlebangtheory in Art and Nature, macro photos.
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Friday’s work had me enduring the worst of what construction survey has to offer, jackhammers and concrete dust in downtown North Adams.

So after work I was ready for something different, and headed up to the access road to Mount Greylock State Reservation, hoping to find some roadside wildflowers.

I did a bit better than that; the gate was open, the first time I found it so this year, and I went the distance.

The Take was pretty good, with Trout Lilies being abundant:

…and the much less common White (Painted) Trillium in bloom:

These shots were taken along the road up to Massachusett’s loftiest peak.  At a humble 3,491 feet it’s not a jaw-dropper, but with 3,000 feet of elevation gain above the surrounding valleys, it still cuts an impressive profile.  This shot is from high up on the northern shoulder:

Clouds approaching from the west portended rain with a display of Jesus Rays:

…then soaked me and my equipment in a brief shower, leaving us as quickly as it had arrived, and with a gift for our troubles:

The evening ended with a return to the lowlands, where a fog was rising from the just-wetted fields:

Thanks to all of you who find the time to share my journeys.  You’re the reason I take my camera with me, and the reason I release the shutter along the way.


1. Paul in ABQ - May 16, 2010

Ralph, I was here earlier but had not paused to comment. Your eye, and your trusty cameras and devices, enrich my world again and again. And you know how I love flower close-ups. Thanks again.

2. Bob - May 16, 2010

Ahhhhhhh. Beautiful.

3. susan - May 16, 2010

It usually takes me a week or more but I always return just to gaze at your images at leisure. It’s always worthwhile.

4. littlebangtheory - May 16, 2010

Thanks you folks for coming by. I’m always flattered when my photos warrant comments, and especially so when they come from people I care about.

Paul, I have some trout lily close-ups which I’ll post soon, just didn’t want to clutter this post about a generality like Mount Greylock.

5. clairz - May 17, 2010

Beautiful, beautiful photos. We used to live in New Hampshire at an elevation of around 300 feet. It’s amazing to me to think that I now live at a higher elevation (Las Cruces, NM: 3900 ft.) than the highest point in Massachusetts–and we are surrounded by huge mountains poking their heads up into the clouds. What an amazing country we live in!

6. littlebangtheory - May 17, 2010

clairz, it is indeed! Thanks for your kind words.

And New Hampshire is my favorite New England state, on accounta the Whites do so turn me on!

I bet New Mexico is amazing; I’ve only driven through it a number of times, and got the impression that the interstate didn’t do it justice.

I intend to go back with camera in hand and see what happens!

7. clairz - May 17, 2010

littlebang, if you would like to see some pretty incredible photos that actually do justice to New Mexico, take a look at the entries in this photo contest: http://www.dayofenchantment.com/. There is just an amazing variety and, yes, these are places you can see once you leave the interstate.

8. Bob - May 18, 2010

got the impression that the interstate didn’t do it justice

But… but… the interstates are America!!


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