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At A Road Cut. April 8, 2010

Posted by littlebangtheory in Art and Nature.
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Spring’s vibrancy was evident this past week, with above average temperatures yeilding above average results:

Moss on a road cut between Charlemon and Zoar, this shot being from Gizmo, my 400mm L-series lens.


1. Laurie B - April 9, 2010

Little Bang (or Mr. CR) glad you are enjoying the weather and moss and springtime.

Some of us here in the valley work with bug life cycles and research of same, and for us, the crap has hit the fan! It’s over 90 degree days everywhere and the bugs are hatching like crazy!

We thought we had a week or two but here we go.

Take photos of bugs, moths, flies, plants, ponds, pool, falls, rivers, fawns, kids, fledglings, kits, cats, and wolves. You have always been the eyes for many of us. Thanks.

2. sherry - April 10, 2010

too COOL! thanks.

3. littlebangtheory - April 10, 2010

Laurie, pray for a frost to slow things down a bit!

But seriously, thanks for your encouragement in getting down with the little things. Bugs are difficult, as they require significant set-up and aren’t inclined to hang out while I do that. Occasionally I get lucky, and you’ll doubtless be the second one to see the results. 😉

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