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Ruby Tuesday – More From The Greenhouses of Smith College! February 1, 2010

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Here are a couple more shots from the Smith College greenhouses.  The skies were dark and I was shooting hand-held, with high ISOs and long exposures, but a couple of things did come out:

This complex blossom has some ruby bits:

Sorry, I didn’t get its name.

And this little beauty, perhaps a red agave?

I’m hoping to get back there early in the day, maybe even tomorrow, with a tripod and bag of lenses; if I do, you’ll be the first to know.

Thanks to Mary over at Work of the Poet for this Rubilicious meme!


1. Carletta - February 2, 2010

Wonderful shots!
I’ve never seen that second plant – love the pattern and color.
The shots in your previous post are also quite beautiful.

And while I’m at it – the moon shots – love however you did the last two. 🙂

2. sherry - February 2, 2010

yep, that last flower was, well- it was! ; )

3. Teresa - February 2, 2010

Those are such incredible creations of nature. It is a treat to be able to photograph them especially this time of year. Great shots. Can’t wait to see more.

4. Ralph - February 2, 2010

The explosion of color is outstanding. To see the works of a flower artist must be something, they have the eye to create artistry using their imagination. Alas, we could never achieve the same results in our seasonal gardens…

5. pagan sphinx - February 2, 2010

These are gorgeous. I hope you do return.

6. Patti V. - February 3, 2010

You found some vibrant rubies to combat the bleakness of February!

Happy belated Ruby Tuesday

7. littlebangtheory - February 3, 2010

All, thank you.

I’m currently scarfing unsecured internet access at roadside, and can’t stay long, as the local police are bored and will doubtless roust me if I stay.

Details at 11.

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