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A Relic Of Another Time. January 25, 2010

Posted by littlebangtheory in Politics and Society.
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Taken a short while back, this black and white image of an old truck captures its essence better, I think, than the color version which previously appeared here:

Something about this old work horse is so proudly defiant as to cause tears to well up in my eyes, perhaps because it predates the brilliant capitalist inception of Planned Obsolescence, the cornerstone of en vogue economic theory and, in fact, the world as we Westerners know it.  This beast/beauty was built to last, and last it shall, beyond the conceivable life spans of so many vehicles a generation its junior.

Despite knowing that The Future is hurtling at me unchecked and unvetted, I find myself longing for the days when sustainability held sway over  the cancerous growth of economies and the viper’s bite of corporate hegemony.

And so it goes, and so it goes.


1. clairz - January 26, 2010

Of course, we always seem to long for the good old days. Somehow, though, the more I look at this photo, the more it makes me think about a time when we worked hard and made do with so little, and had such high expectations for ourselves–moral expectations, rather than economic ones.

All this from looking at a rusty but honest old truck.

2. Lisa - January 26, 2010

Maybe that’s why I’m so fascinated with old films lately. That longing.

3. littlebangtheory - January 26, 2010

Lisa, Clairz, thanks for the comments.

But please understand, I’m not suggesting that everything was rosy in the past; when this beast was hauling loads, Americans were being crippled by polio.

What I’m lamenting here is the triumph of paradigms which foster corporate hegemony, most glaringly, the idea that “growth” is what we must strive for, despite the ugly truth that unfettered growth is unsustainable, toxic and genocidal.

I feel a knot forming in my thong.

4. Tengrain - January 26, 2010

There is a contest run every year called “It ran when I parked it.” — I think you should enter this. It’s beautiful.



5. littlebangtheory - January 26, 2010

Ten, thanks. I like this photo a lot. The full-size file is lousy with details, tiny cracks in the paint and such.

If you happen upon any details/links to that contest, drop me a line at ralphmunn@crocker.com.

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