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We Almost Missed It. January 18, 2010

Posted by littlebangtheory in Art and Nature.
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As part of a day trip up to the White Mountains of New Hampshire, Frau B. and I hoped to snag a few sunrise pictures at the shore in Portsmouth.  As we got off the highway and headed for the water, the sky grew red and roiling, and we savored what we weren’t set up to photograph.  By the time we parked at seaside the sun had just broken the horizon and the clouds had lost their light.  I grabbed Eliot but left the tripod in the truck – this was either going to happen in about the next minute, or it wasn’t going to happen.

My rule of thumb in quickly changing compositions is to fire off a shot, then fine-tune my settings, thanks to the instant replay capability of digital.  At least that way I have something from the moment.  So this first one is underexposed, but I liked what I saw, so I kept it:

I didn’t mess with that color, just cropped it.  I got lucky (well, made an educated guess) with the focus, which can be hard for me in low light, especially with the “tilt” requiring checking both near and far points of focus.

Lizz was set up to my left among some rocks, so I headed on over.  She tends to know what she’s doing, and  I’m happy to learn by following her around.

My goal for this outing was to use Eliot as much as possible and hopefully get quicker with it.  I’d found a website with tilt-tables for the common focal lengths of tilt-shift lenses, based on height above the plane of focus (the Hinge Rule,) and though I could only assume that the values would result in a horizontal POF, I’d memorized a few of the larger ones and had Eliot set accordingly.

This one was at a degree and a half, three feet off the plane of the water:

The increasing light made focusing easier, and it seemed that the table was working!

I was really pleased with the cloud reflections on that one.

With the sun breaking free of the horizon, the remaining color was in the other direction.  The rocks were ruddy with the dawn:

Low tide was good to us, despite being too late for the spectacular predawn show.


1. Mauigirl - January 18, 2010


2. Amelia Hagen - January 18, 2010

Love the picture of sunrise.

3. TheCunningRunt - January 18, 2010

Thank you, ladies. It was my pleasure!

4. Tengrain - January 20, 2010

Brother, you have Mad Skillz. When are you going to put together a portfolio and do a show?

How many times do I need to ask?!

Much admiration and respect,


5. littlebangtheory - January 20, 2010

Ten, you’re too kind.

I’m presently unemployed (yeah, “join the club”) and struggling to scrape together the scratch for mats and frames so I can shop a small show around to some local not-too-picky galleries.

Wish me luck!

6. UM - January 23, 2010

WICKED nice work, Faja! The one in the middle is my favorite.

However, one little detail I’m loving in the first – which is an entirely beautiful composition – is that little silhouette (is it a truck, or some kind of structure?) on the skyline. Very neat. I imagine that you might have wished it wasn’t there in your perfect landscape, but I enjoy it. 🙂

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