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Our National Bird. January 9, 2010

Posted by littlebangtheory in Art and Nature.

They’re big, they’re bold, they’re beautiful.

And they seldom settle down, so I felt lucky to snag this one with my point-and-shoot:

Above the Deerfield river in Charlemont.

Long may they live.


1. Laurie B - January 9, 2010

Always love your photos, thanks for sharing.

I spend some time at the turf farm near the Sun’land bridge. Our resident Sugarloaf eagles scream past every now and again. They are always breathtaking to observe. They are only outmatched by Kia’s in New Zealand.

Kia’s are curious, big and strong, and orange underwing. They will tear the windshield wipers off of your car, steal your bootlaces out of your boots and then fly away with your car keys if they have a chance. Cheeky birds, at best.

Eagles are more heroic and serene I guess, though still killing machines. I love hanging around the river and the local golf courses, birds of prey are everywhere and wonderful to watch.

2. bobbie - January 10, 2010

They take my breath away. And they are hard to capture on film, especially if you have a little point and shoot like mine. But if you stand and watch them a while, you don’t need a picture to remember. I’ve done it many a time.

Nice shot!

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