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Boston, In Living Color. January 7, 2010

Posted by littlebangtheory in Art and Nature.
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As promised, some full-color shots (well, if photographing things in a sleet storm qualifies as “full-color) of my recent visit to Boston.

First, some Back-Bay apartments in the snow:

I know, they’re just buildings.  But we country boys are easily impressed.  Besides, I liked the way the old copper flashing oxidizes green:

Consider all of these as experiments in shift photography, though I used Elliot’s tilt capabilities to some extent on each one.

Here, Old Brick Boston meets New Steel and Glass Boston:

The Prudential Tower (right) was for a long while the tallest building in Boston; the smaller, but IMHO more interesting 111 Huntington Avenue (the oddly domed building to the left) was completed in 2001.

Here’s a color shot of the Old South Church which, despite the intensifying sleet, came out crisp from front to back:

Elliot and I are gettin’ it on.  Don’t tell Susan.  😉

And lastly, here’s the ultimate (for Boston, at least) Old vs. New, the iconic Trinity Church in Copley Square, dwarfed by the glass and steel monstrosity known as the John Hancock Tower:

Don’t get me started on this mess.

Well, OK, get me started.  The Hancock, currently the tallest building in New England, had the oafish bad manners to overstress its foundation walls, buckling adjacent streets and damaging surrounding buildings including the Trinity Church.  Then it began to shed its 500 pound glass plates from 700+ feet above street level, and if you live in a city, I invite you to imagine what that was like for the people of Boston.  And then it became apparent that the reason people on the upper floors were puking all over the place was that the building swayed horrifically when the wind blew.

So much for the inexhorable advance of civilization.

At any rate, all of these adverse effects have been mitigated at the expense of many more millions of dollars, except that it’s still butt ugly and casts a long shadow.

Well, that’s all I have from Boston.  I’ll doubtless be back soon, and if there is a God, the weather will be better.

See you then.  😉



1. Sylvia Kirkwood - January 7, 2010

Marvelous visit to Boston! Brought back a lot of memories of my visits there years ago! Great shots CR! As always! Too bad about the crappy Hancock building, sounds about right! Have a great weekend!


2. Lisa - January 7, 2010

I hate steel and glass architecture. And I love it that you used the term oafish.

3. sherry - January 8, 2010

love those buildings!

4. Laurie B - January 8, 2010

No wonder it all fell apart..back in the late 70’s the restaurant was advertised as “Eating at The top of the ‘cock”. Shiver me timbers!

5. littlebangtheory - January 9, 2010

Yes, Laurie, the Devil is in the details, and in far too many cases the Devil is overlooked until it’s too late!


6. susan - January 11, 2010

I too remember when windows were falling out of the Hancock and couldn’t understand why they didn’t just knock it down. I hadn’t known about the damage to Trinity Church until just now so find it even more incomprehensible. Really. Could it be true we venerate Mammon more highly than God?

otoh – I used to dream of living in one of those copper roofed Back Bay buildings. In a way I still do.

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