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A December Snow. December 29, 2009

Posted by littlebangtheory in Uncategorized.

This morning it came down hard.  I had occasion to head out to Conway, and driving through it was a necessity rather than a choice.

Passing through The Falls, I stuck my little point-and-shoot out the window:

The air got thicker as I gained elevation on the way to Conway, where horses huddled as the storm blew by:

The squall died down eventually, leaving us with slippery roads and a beautiful snowscape.

Gotta love these New England winters.


1. Sylvia Kirkwood - December 29, 2009

Gorgeous shots, as always, CR! What a beautiful world — cold, but beautiful. Thanks for sharing. Wishing you a very Happy New Year! Enjoy!


2. sherry - December 29, 2009

very pretty. me? i’m wishing for spring!

3. Jennifer - December 29, 2009


[and this is actually Bob, on Jen’s computer back at the old apartment]

4. littlebangtheory - December 29, 2009

Heheh, Bob/Jen. You ol’ transformer, you!

Hope things are settling in as best as they can under the time pressure/circumstances. I’m blown away at your (plural) adaptability as this tableau unfolds.

Best wishes as we approach the Next Decade, in case I get busy, which I anticipate.

Sylvia, Sherry, thanks. I’m still eager for real winter, but I understand why some people want warmth. I say, there’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing choices. 🙂 I dress like Fort Knox and go out and dig it.

But hey, that’s just me.

5. pagan sphinx - December 30, 2009

Beautiful moments from the snowy day. It was bitterly cold today, with so much wind, that ripped right through you. I did not exactly relish my drive to Bridgewater and back: all-told (including the awful meal at 99 and the frightened cleaning woman at The Mansion – I think she thought I was representing the State Dept. Poor woman; long story.

Thank you for the photograph. I would like to tell you in person my thoughts about it…

6. littlebangtheory - December 30, 2009

You’re most welcome, and I bet we’ll talk soon. 😉

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