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Ruby Tuesday: A Covered Bridge. November 2, 2009

Posted by littlebangtheory in Ruby Tuesday!.
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Here’s the Arthur A. Smith bridge in Colrain, Massachusetts:

Colrain covered bridge

Spans the North River, it does.  Recently “refurbished,” to the tune of a million and a half bucks.

There are times when I think that’s a bargain; tonight has been one of them.

See more Rubiliciousness over at Mary’s place, Work of the Poet.

Thanks, Mary.   😉


1. Bob - November 2, 2009

And you were involved in the refurbishment, were you not?

(or was that another covered bridge that I’m thinking of?)

2. littlebangtheory - November 2, 2009

Yes on both accounts – I worked on this one and two others in the past few years!

Good to hear from you, Cuz. Hope things are well down in CR. 🙂

3. cookie - November 3, 2009

lovely bridge you have there…kinda reminds me of a famous movie bridge 🙂

my RT is up too..


4. Carletta - November 3, 2009

A really beautiful shot of the covered bridge!
You actually worked on this one – how fascinating.
There’s a covered bridge byway tour nearby here that I toured last fall and fell in love with the old bridges.
And yes, as Cookie noted, the Bridges of Madison Co. come to mind.

5. luna miranda - November 3, 2009

this is a beautiful photo…romantic, in a sense. great composition, too.

6. Hootin' Anni - November 3, 2009

That’s so pretty, isn’t it? Reminds me of Sleepy Hollow in Upstate New York!

Mine’s posted. “I came, HE SAWED, we conquered.”

Here’s the permalink to Tuesday’s entry.

7. magicalmysticalteacher - November 3, 2009

Spanning the river,
covered bridge shields wayfarers
from the elements.

My Ruby Tuesday

8. sherry - November 3, 2009

pretty, so very pretty.

9. AuntieE - November 3, 2009

Love those Red covered Bridges. So Americana.

10. dianne - November 3, 2009

beautiful shot
I like the sun hitting the center and all the shadow around it

11. Ralph - November 3, 2009

I think that three exist in CT, the only in Cornwall. one I have driven through numerous times is the one crossing the Housatonic. The wood is original, but the DOT has it sitting securely on steel beams, but you can’t see them. A lovely red crossing we see here!

12. littlebangtheory - November 3, 2009

I know it, Fellow Ralph (yes. I’m one of the lucky few!) There are several of them in my area, one in my new home town of Conway, one in my former town of Charlemont, this one in Colrain, where I haven’t had the privilege to live. And there’s at least one in southern Vermont which I haunt, close enough to consider “local.”

I’m happy to have you stop by, Ralph. I’ve been diggin’ your photos for a while now.

All the rest of you (‘specially sherry,) thanks for commenting. It’s nice to know that I’m not just spinning this stuff off into the universe!

13. Laurie B - November 3, 2009

Boston can have the Big DIg, a ‘mil and a half on one bridge? Yes, so worth it. How can anybody not love Western MA? Thanks for sharing your photos. House and home willl become home for both soon.

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