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Ruby Tuesday – A Subdued Autumn. October 27, 2009

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This autumn has been uncharacteristically un-ruby.  I mean, there are patches of reddishness around, but I’m not seeing as many sugar-maple-red landscapes, the ones which truly exemplify the potential Rubiliciousness of a Berkshires autumn day.

Nonetheless, it’s Tuesday, so here’s my best effort in this subdued season.

Powerlines in Shelburne, I think:


The town line’s a bit vague through there.

Yeah, the colors were a bit subdued, but the light was occasionally right enough to break out the box.  Like at this old house by the dam at Puffer’s Pond, north of Amherst:

Oak and shadow

That oak branch is a structural miracle, much more so in person, where its sixty feet of wind-tossed weight has twisted and waved for a century.

Of course, there have been patches of brilliance, even Rubiliciousness, if I may be so bold.  Distressed maples, like these flooded specimens in a swamp in Florida, gave it up to the Color Gods:

Ruby swamp

Even the ferns went a bit red as they prepared to call it a year and fold up shop.

And then there was the occasional stray throwback to the Days of Color, to my childhood, when every autumn struck me dumb with wonder.  The skies would pile high with clouds while the farms below blazed in a seasonal Swan Song:

Cheshire tree row

Seems like we used to have more of that.

But now it’s less boisterous, more measured.  Here’s a view of the Connecticut river flowing southward between Sunderland on the left and Deerfield and Whately on the right, taken from the tower on Mount Sugarloaf:

Connecticut at Deerfield

The ruby-clad walker right of center doesn’t really show up at this resolution, but trust me he’s there.

Well that’s all I got for ruby, or at least reddish.

‘Till next week, I mean.   😉

Visit Mary over at Work of the Poet for more of this rubilicious meme!


1. dianne - October 28, 2009


I love the light and shadow in the top shot
and the rolling clouds of the sky shot
and all the lovely in between

wonderful series of photos

2. Bobbie - October 28, 2009

“Rubiliciousness” What a wonderful word!

You are right. I don’t see so much red this year. But what great photos you have here.

3. magicalmysticalteacher - October 28, 2009

A Berkshires autumn—
maples wearing scarlet, oaks
donning russet garb.

My Ruby Tuesday

4. Your EG Tour Guide - October 28, 2009

The colours here were subdued this year too, but about an hour and a half north of here they were spectacular! I think you found a few beautiful patches of red. 😉

5. Laurie B - October 28, 2009

Glad you are getting out and about. Enjoying the photos of places I’ve kown. Hope you and yours are getting settled in and taking care. Thanks for posting.

6. Steve - November 2, 2009

You know – it seems to me, too, that weather is less colorful and less impressive than when I was a teenager. Was I just fresher, and things are actually unchanged? Or have things gotten less colorful and intense? Or am I remembering it more intense than it actually was? The latter is just the kind of innocent editing I might do…

7. littlebangtheory - November 2, 2009

Steve, I feel like it’s all of the above. Our minds do far more editing than we’re conscious of.

But then, the environment is changing, and my awareness of it has been heightened this past decade or so. We’re losing our maples, our hemlocks are dwindling, our beeches are dying off from a bark fungus. Lakes are acidifying, fish aren’t reproducing, and invasive species are filling in our wetlands.

Some of it has to be chalked up to “change,” and assumed to be natural, but it’s feeling more intense than that.

Guess we’ll have to see where these changes take us, eh?

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