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Phall Pholiage Photos (With A Hat-Tip To Phydo.) October 15, 2009

Posted by littlebangtheory in Art and Nature.
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Pardon, if you will, my Ph imbalance; it’s just one of the many imbalances I’m dealing with these days.

This year’s foliage season seems to have peaked while Susan and I were fully engaged in moving in together, and thus went largely undocumented. It’s a time thing, you know?

Anyway, I snapped an occasional picture, and since it’s been such a while since I blogged, they’ve piled up to the extent that I might reasonably be judged to have “been there,” when in fact I’ve been speeding past this phase of my life on the way to somewhere else.

So here they are, unceremoniously dumped before tomorrow’s forecast of snow renders them irrelevant.

A calm stretch of the Deerfield river, with the Bridge of Flowers in the distance:

bridge of flowers from a distance

Ferns gone by in the high country of Monroe:

yellow ferns

A farmscape in nearby Cheshire, where affluent suburbia crowds a traditionally agricultural valley:

Cheshire farmscape

A late-greening field in the high hills of the intentionally misnamed Florida, which has a growing season which makes the blink of an eye look like stop-action photography:

florida fields

The same farm on a different day, from a different angle:

Florida barn close-up

Hey, I got a million of ’em.  Guess I’ll have to come back soon to finish ( or at least further) this dump.

Later then,



1. Bob - October 15, 2009

Snow???? Already???

Oh, well…. hope it’s a nice snow.

Thanks for the photos, and take care of yerselves up there!!

Peace Cuz,

2. Kym - October 16, 2009

That top photo especially looks like I could walk ..er..splash into it. Beautiful. Those farms are so lush they look like something from a fairy tale.

3. littlebangtheory - October 16, 2009

Hiya Cuz! 🙂 Yeah, wet, sloppy snow, with a lot of the leaves still on the trees. Could be messy!

Kym, the top photo was taken with Elliot, my TS-EII 24mm lens. Still on the learning curve wit that one, but it has potential.

Glad you like it!

4. Barb - October 16, 2009

Glad to see ‘ya back, Ralph. Sounds like you have some bumpy spots in the road and I’m praying for you, naturally…

I wasn’t lucky enough to squeek my Autumn photos in before this crappy snow, but, hey, being late is what I do best. Love all your photos, regardless of the timing.

Take care,

5. Laurie B - October 17, 2009

Thanks for the photos, hang in there.

Tomorrow its chicken and dumplings with fresh carrots,parsnips, rutebega and garlic here. What’s on at your place?

6. Pagan Sphinx - October 18, 2009

Good to see you back.

It seems that when there is sun, I’m always inside at work. I haven’t taken any pictures since last weekend when I visited our girl in Boston. You ought to check them out at The Pagan Sphinx. There is a cute one of her.


7. kkryno - October 19, 2009

Good to know that you’re back, Ralph. You and your Love are on my mind these days. I hope that some good news is around the bend.

I like the picture of the river the most, but I’m always a sucker for an old barn. Those are lovely, too!

8. littlebangtheory - October 19, 2009

Barb, thanks. I’m learning to say “Thank you” instead of putting up the brave front. Susan is teaching me that.

Laurie, lots of veggies, some sauteed, more juiced. And omelets in the morning, of wild mushrooms and fiddleheads and mascarpone.

PS, I’ll check that out in the near future – you take such lovely pictures of our gurrrls!

Vikki, great to hear from you. I’m a barn person too, so expect to see plenty more of those. 😉

9. susan - November 22, 2009

Saturday night scrolling just taking in the sights you find. Beautiful work. I particularly like the river shot in this one.

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