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Gone For A Bit. September 30, 2009

Posted by littlebangtheory in Love and Death.

Between moving and setting up a new phone system and dealing with some rather serious health issues, I’m going to be absent from Teh Nets for a while. Give me a week or two to get my act together.

Meanwhile, live every day like they were numbered, and love like you mean it.

I’ll see you on the other side of this li’l bump in the road.



1. Bobbie - October 1, 2009

Hang in there, Ralph. We’ll be thinking of you, and rooting for you, and anticipating your return.

2. Laurie B - October 1, 2009

Sorry. been reading but not commenting. Hang in there, take care of you and yours. Looking forward to your return.

3. Paul in ABQ - October 1, 2009

Prayers and best wishes for all of it from my end, Ralph. Be good to yourself.

4. sherry - October 1, 2009

take care.

5. Randal Graves - October 1, 2009

The best cosmic vibes to you, good sir.

6. Pagan Sphinx - October 1, 2009

You know that Wayne and I are here if you need help.

Sending good wishes and love,

7. susan - October 2, 2009

I haven’t been by in a while because of site loading problems with my fine old computer (a g4 mac) but now I’m renewed (macpro) so popped back over to my favorite photography blog. I’ll amuse myself looking at the posts I’ve missed. Meanwhile, please take good care of yourself so you can be back in fine form soon. I know you don’t get to some of those places where the shot is perfect without expending some energy 🙂

8. kkryno - October 4, 2009

I’m sending out all the positive stuff I can, Ralph. You just take care of things and know that I’m pulling for you.

Check back in a few and I’ll have some shots from the Kenai and Homer areas to share. It’s just beautiful-and you don’t even have to comment or anything! Just give me a couple of days.

Stay safe and know that I have you in my heart.

9. distributorcap - October 11, 2009

all the best to you — sending all good thoughts

10. Laurie B - October 14, 2009

Hey Ralph, just stopping by.

Thinking of you and yours, setting up housekeeping together and all that entails. Hope the singular and collective health is better.

Coyotes were howling down here in the valley. Thought they might be singing to you up there in the hills.

I’ve got wheels, I can cook food. I’m not so far away. You’ve got my email. Let me know what the options are for what I can help with.

This isn’t Boston, this is us.

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