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Ruby Tuesday – Falling Into Autumn! September 22, 2009

Posted by littlebangtheory in Ruby Tuesday!.
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Just a quick break from sorting my life into piles of “pack” and “pitch” prior to my upcoming move.

Here are a few shots demonstrating why folks in these parts look forward to the autumnal equinox.

An ordinary utility pole becomes a beautiful lady in her gown by Virginia Creeper:

virginia creeper

A swamp in upper Florida shines its lights on a steely sky:

Florida with cattails

…and a view along the Deerfield river:

along the Deerfield

It’s going to get better before it gets done, but I expect to be more or less tied up and might miss a lot of it.

But I’ll share what I can.

Thanks to Mary over at Work of the Poet for this rubylicious meme!


1. Bobbie - September 23, 2009

Beautiful. Virginia creeper is threatening to overtake my back deck, but it hasn’t changed color yet.

2. magicalmysticalteacher - September 23, 2009

All around I see
the ruby hints of autumn
in the changing leaves.

My Ruby Tuesday

3. Christina - September 23, 2009

Heh. I’m not doing “pack-n-pitch”, I’m doing “If it’s crap, leave it behind”.

I’m liking it way, way better.

4. Regina - September 24, 2009

Beautiful photos!

5. littlebangtheory - September 24, 2009

Bobbie, it’s pernicious, and eventually it will win by outlasting me, but while I breathe I wage war against Virginia creeper. It’s beautiful in autumn, but the rest of the year it just takes over terrain.

magical, you amaze me with your consistently framed observations. You make me think poetically, parsing the weight of my words whether I mean to conform or not. Thanks for keeping the form alive.

Christina, I’m all for losing the old dead wood, except that leaving things here costs my land lords money, and they’ve been pretty decent to me.

Regina, thanks.

I’d never heard you called that. It sounds right.

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