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Hazy Days, Hazy Nights. August 9, 2009

Posted by littlebangtheory in Art and Nature.
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This past week was warm and humid, the air thich and rich like something good for your skin.  It rained frequently, but seldom torrentially, rather enshrouding the landscape in mists and fog and allowing glimpses of the Summer We Weren’t Having through miserly thinnings of the clouds.

Here are a couple of those glimpses.

The Deerfield after a late day rain, just north of the Vermont line:

deerfield in fog

This photo was a willing volunteer (well, I never exactly asked it, but we’ll assume) for my ongoing experiments in Implied Colour*.

This next one was taken that very evening, of the Sturgeon Moon through Sky Soup:

moon through haze

Despite the atmosphericly-imposed lack of detail in the shrouded moon, there’s something in this photo which takes me out into the night.  I think it’s the way my eyes adjust to the light levels, the way the skyline reveals itself over time.

These two photos were both fun to capture and fun to play with afterward, something previously said only about bunnies and frogs.

* The “Implied Colour” idea sounds enough like bullshit that I thought I might lend it a bit of credulity with a Gratuitous Brittish Spelling.**

**But the “Gratuitous Brittish Spelling” idea sounds like bullshit, too.  Bummer.


1. sherry - August 10, 2009

oh how glorious, both of them!

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