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Ruby Tuesday! August 4, 2009

Posted by littlebangtheory in Art and Nature, Ruby Tuesday!.
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Yeah, I know – it’s kinda late to be posting this.  But I needed to shoot the full moon, then I had company…

Anyway, here are a few semi-rubiate shots from the Bridge of Flowers in nearby Shelburne Falls:


A Dahlia there, and here, a lily mix:

lily mix

These I don’t know the name of :

Crimson Whatevers


They have interesting blossoms:

crimson close-up

…and don’t look at all native to this area, nor are they in any of my field guides.

At any rate, sorry to be so late to the party, and thanks to Mary over at Work of the Poet for this fun Tuesday meme!



1. maryt/theteach - August 5, 2009

littlebangtheory, love these shots! Dahlia’s are my favorite! Don’t know the names of the other flowers just love the RED. Send me your home address and I’ll send you a real gen-u-ine Ruby Tuesday little RED lighthouse. I’m sending a postcard to EVERYONE (check out my ruby tuesday 2nd post) who sends me their home address!! What am I nuts? (are you cunning runt too?) 🙂

2. littlebangtheory - August 5, 2009

Mary, thanks… I’m terminally tardy, and thought I’d missed it.

My address should be in your email by now.

Again, Thanks!

3. Frau Biergut - August 5, 2009

The flowers look like a type of penstemon, but I couldn’t really see the foliage.


4. littlebangtheory - August 5, 2009

Could be, Gurrrl. The foliage was blade-like, about as tall as me (third photo.) It looks familiar, but I can’t place it.

5. magicalmysticalteacher - August 5, 2009

The Bridge of Flowers
in Shelburne Falls dazzles eyes
and heals weary souls.

My Ruby Tuesday

6. littlebangtheory - August 5, 2009

Cool as usual, mmt.

I bet you practice a lot when you’re alone.


7. Pagan Sphinx - August 6, 2009

Oh, yes. That first shot with the Dahlia is striking. Can’t help you with the flower ID, though.

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