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More Foxes! July 11, 2009

Posted by littlebangtheory in Art and Nature.

There’s a family of foxes near where much of my work has been recently, and they make great subjects – local word is that the mother of a litter of kits got quilled badly this spring, and fearing her inability to hunt for her babies, a few kind folks took to throwing out meat and relocating roadkill to assure the brood’s survival.

The result, predictably, is a family of foxes who aren’t shy of people, and while I understand how this might work to their detriment in the future, the present reality is that they’re all still alive.

And other than Momma, who isn’t looking too well, they’re all growing beautifully:

standing fox

sitting fox

daisy fox

I like that one – reminds me of Ferdinand The Bull, who wanted nothing more than to sit under the cork tree and smell the flowers.



1. sherry - July 12, 2009

awwww. i used to have a den of foxes but i haven’t seen any the past 2 years since the coyotes moved in. they still may be here tho. they are good at being unseen.

2. distributorcap - July 16, 2009

they are some of the most magnificent animals….

3. TheCunningRunt - July 17, 2009

Indeed, and these were so friendly, they almost looked “pet-able,” though I wouldn’t recommend trying.

It was cool to see them up close and not running away.

4. Kym - July 20, 2009

These are gorgeous. The bottom one with the flower looks like something out of a Disney movie–perfect.

5. Moranna - December 21, 2009

We have always had badgers and foxes living fairly close to us.
My walks would usually require me to carry a bag of peanuts for the badgers and scraps for the foxes. Sensibly I never tried to get too close but both species were quite amenable to my sitting nearby and watching them.

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