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In The Flowers. June 18, 2009

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Somebody does a pretty good job of matching the drapes:


I took several macros of these rain-soaked flowers before I noticed this little bugger mere inches away; in the end, this was the only shot I saved from the session.

Hope you like it.   🙂

Ruby Tuesday: More Carnivorous Edition! June 15, 2009

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Well, ok, the insectivorous edition.  Gotta get up pretty early to get the jump on you folks, eh?

Up in Rowe there’s a little fen (alkaline bog) filled with Northern Pitcher Plants (Sarracenia purpurea ) and water irises:

irises and pitchers

The pitcher plants are astonishing, being simultaneously fleshy and otherworldly and vibrant in the late afternoon light:

pitcher flowers

Blood-red sepals unfurl to reveal delicate chartreuse interiors:

pitcher flowers

I think they’re pretty cool.

Thanks to Mary over at Work of the Poet for this rubylicious meme!

Between Seasons. June 13, 2009

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The Spring wildflowers have gone by, and the fields and roadsides are being mowed, so we aren’t really in a peak flower season.

But there are still things happening, especially in the wilder parts of the county, and always on a macro scale (photographically speaking.)

Here are some of the ‘Tween blooms I’m seeing.

Pinks, one of the prolific Dianthus clan, though I know not which one:


These are about half an inch across, and recently rained on.

Some yellow dudes, probably from the Buttercup family, another large group of related plants:

yellow flats

These are spindly, and were a challenge in the wind.

And here’s some Hawkweed, the common orange version, though it’s even more prolific in its yellow incarnation:

orange hawks

Summer will bring its own delights, but this is what I’ve got right now.

Honey Moles* June 12, 2009

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Here are this week’s honey moles.



That’s the biggest hawk I’ve seen in a long time!


doe and fawn

A momma and baby.  They were so sweet together, grazing and nuzzling and keeping a sharp eye on me.

…and scaled:

garter snake

This little guy was camped out under my wheel barrow down by the garden.

…and that is all.  🙂

* Actually, almost all.  “Honey moles” was my dear Portuguese father-in-law’s approximation of “animals,” and has become my generic term for an assortment of critters.  It’s one of the ways I keep Fernando in my heart.

A White One. June 8, 2009

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Yet another barn, this one on the short list that’s labeled “white:”

Ashfield white barn

Another gray day in the hills of Ashfield.

The Color Purple. June 8, 2009

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May showers bring June flowers.

Irises in my back yard:

little irises

…and lupines up the road a piece:


Make a misty morning pretty passable, they do.

Randomness, Flower Type. June 8, 2009

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I’ve been searching for the name of this flower for two years, and finally found it!

Ladies and Gentlemen…  Echium vulgare!

Viper's Bugloss

That’s Viper’s Bugloss to you, Ma’am!  Ain’t that a purty name?

Here’s a roadside stand of garlic mustard, I think*:

yellow roadside

*There I go being lazy again.

A wild strawberry:

wild strawberry

That one I know.  No longer a flower, but still pretty.

Illustrating the difference between “pretty” and “elegant,” northern pitcher plants arch their alien buds skyward from a fen in Rowe:

pitcher buds

…while along the Deerfield, a ubiquitous cinquefoil nestles in the lap of a cow vetch blossom:

cow vetch

That’s such a cool color combination that I can’t resist photographing it wherever I find it.

Six Flags Over Earth. June 6, 2009

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It’s two thirty a.m. as I coast into my driveway by parking lights – all of the sane people in my neighborhood have long since retired, and it would be rude to wake them by my intemperance.  Besides, my mission demands a measure of stealth and unobserved alacrity: capture the white-hot moon as it rides the western rail of the hill across the river.

The clouds have thinned just enough to appreciate the diffuse orb’s flirtation with fullness as it hurtles headlong toward tomorrow.

On the back porch I exchange Ziggy for Gizmo and fire off a dozen shots:


…then pack it in, unnoticed.

The June night air feels perfect in my jean shirt.

Floundering In Flowers! June 5, 2009

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Yeah, it’s true – Ol’ One Trick Pony here has a Thing for Spring.

And every weed I see might be a flower I don’t know the name of yet, and might be worthy of my attention.

So I tend to slow down when I’m holding a camera and pay somewhat closer attention than I otherwise might.  And Spring is perfect for that, with every little living thing trying to get noticed, loved, polinated.

Here are some of today’s suitors.

A ground-creeping blackberry blossom:


A patch of Canada Mayflowers:

Canada mayflowers

Here a yellow Canada Dwarf Cinquefoil is, well, dwarfed by Sisyrinchium augustifolium, or Blue-Eyed Grass:

blue-eyed grass

…all four inches of it!

And lastly, a flower I know not the name of; it grows in foot-high clumps and is decidedly yellow, though some of its buds present as red:

yellow redbuds

It’s pretty lazy of me, I know, to post without figuring it out, but I gotta go.

Dancing tonight, ya know.

Sundews. June 5, 2009

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Found on my apré-work drive-about:


The spatulate leaves of this Drosera rotundifolia are hairy and sticky and delicious, and lethal to any fool who rushes in.  The ones which are closed are, um, busy with their guests.

I find them interesting, and just a tad creepy.