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Valley Clouds, Valley Animals. June 18, 2009

Posted by littlebangtheory in Art and Nature.

A pre-work ride to acquire cell phone service takes me up through dense, soaking clouds and into the sun, just me and a few Berkshire hilltops:

above the clouds

Gotta call the boss, ya know. It’s rough work, but somebody’s got to do it.   😉

And hey, there’s a fox!  Skanky looking specimen; probably has distemper:


…or perhaps even rabies.  It watches me from ten feet away before approaching me with a fixed gaze.

I roll up the window and wish it well as I head down the long hill in low gear.

Then I’m back down through the soup to the Deerfield river, the location of today’s job:

below the clouds

I love this place.  It’s like this a lot through the warm season, and usually burns off to reveal a summer-blue sky while remaining ten degrees cooler than the nearest big towns.

And being “the Deerfield river,” who should be crossing it while I watch but two deer:

deer crossing

Certainly not a great picture, but interesting enough to share, as I’m taking it within ten minutes of seeing the fox!

I think I’ve filled my quota of wildlife shots for the day, but at lunchtime I get a call from one of my crew that there’s a bear on his car,  with him in it!  I bring my camera and get this:

bear snuffling

I’m embarrassed to admit this isn’t a long lens – the bear’s about thirty feet away, and though it’s a bit shy, it definitely isn’t scared.  I suspect that it’s used to scavenging around humans.

Nonetheless, I stay, um, grafted to the car door.

We only see this one thigh-high guy, though a passing fisherman says he’s just driven by three.

Did I mention that  I love this place?


1. Pagan Sphinx - June 18, 2009

The bear looks just like U’s Little Giant. These are nice pictures. Come to my blog for some weird art. I’d love your comments on it.

2. littlebangtheory - June 18, 2009

Why, I’d love to!

Yes, I thought the same thing about the bear, had to resist the temptation to cuddle it. 🙂

And thanks!

3. Paul in ABQ - June 18, 2009

All so wonderful. Glad you did not yield to the cuddle folly. You may have missed this homage so I’m giving you the link here.

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