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Duck, Duck, Geese! June 18, 2009

Posted by littlebangtheory in Art and Nature.
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Like so:

duck duck geese

…reading right to left, that is.  Seems the ducks are shyer than the geese, even the babies, and motored off as soon as I approached.

Love the gosletts, though.


1. sherry - June 19, 2009

we are over run with canadian geese and they have city pigeon attitudes! they stand in front of you or your car and say FU!

2. littlebangtheory - June 19, 2009

That’s funny!

Decades ago I had one race ahead of me on a dirt road, then turn, spread its wings and come straight at me, playing the goose version of “chicken.”

It lost.

3. Genie Sea - June 22, 2009

These are absolutely magical. As usual 🙂 I come here and gaze at your photos but haven’t had the time to comment. Keep clicking! 🙂

4. littlebangtheory - June 22, 2009

GS, thanks, and thanks especially for commenting. Yeah, I’ll keep clicking, but it’s more of a given when I get feedback. Folks like you pull me up when I feel redundant and irrelevant and think about chucking it all in the “used” bin.

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