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Six Flags Over Earth. June 6, 2009

Posted by littlebangtheory in Art and Nature, Love and Death.

It’s two thirty a.m. as I coast into my driveway by parking lights – all of the sane people in my neighborhood have long since retired, and it would be rude to wake them by my intemperance.  Besides, my mission demands a measure of stealth and unobserved alacrity: capture the white-hot moon as it rides the western rail of the hill across the river.

The clouds have thinned just enough to appreciate the diffuse orb’s flirtation with fullness as it hurtles headlong toward tomorrow.

On the back porch I exchange Ziggy for Gizmo and fire off a dozen shots:


…then pack it in, unnoticed.

The June night air feels perfect in my jean shirt.



1. sherry - June 6, 2009

oh, it was well worth it!

2. Fran - June 6, 2009

Ahhh… sublime.

3. Bob - June 6, 2009


The forest type up here resembles something more commonly found a ways north and also 600 miles or so to the south at the higher elevations of the Blue Ridge (such as Grandfather Mountain and Mount Mitchell) 🙂

4. Bob - June 6, 2009

Of course, I could have posted the above comment on the thread wherein the quote I ummm, … quoted… appears.

It’s early-ish morning here, still.


5. littlebangtheory - June 6, 2009

‘S OK, Cuz – it’s early here, too! Glad you saw the Greylock post, thought it might remind you of The Apps. 🙂

sherry, thanks.

And Fran, long time no hear! We “goers” are altogether too busy these days. Hope things are well in your life; I’ll try to stop by in the near future!

6. ymp - June 6, 2009

I too saw the greylock post. Great pictures, small mountain.
I love this photo though. It makes me want to frame it and hang it on a wall.

7. Kym - June 6, 2009

The hint of color around the moon sets off the whole photo. What a lovely night that must have been.

8. Freida Bee - June 7, 2009

So often I have wished to capture the moon in a picture like this, but have never managed to do so decently. Nicely done.

9. littlebangtheory - June 7, 2009

Ladies, thanks so much for your comments.

ymp, if you’re serious about that I’ll send you a larger file than what’s on the blog so you can print it in a form worth framing. Let me know, ‘k?

Kym, this version of this photo has been rendered by a treatment I call “washing,” wherein I’ve removed most of its color. What’s left, if I do it properly, is suggestive of so much more that it might be more powerful than the original. I stumbled upon this technique a little while back and keep revisiting it, trying to understand what’s so compelling about photos with certain aspects subdued.

Freida, it’s so good of you to stop by! I’m glad you liked my moon-shot. I used Gizmo, my 400mm lens, which is my preferred unit for moons, but frankly, I blew the exposure and lost whatever detail the evening’s atmospherics might have granted a more competent photographer. The sky was good though, and I’m happy with the result.

Glad you liked it too. 😉

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