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Floundering In Flowers! June 5, 2009

Posted by littlebangtheory in Art and Nature, macro photos.

Yeah, it’s true – Ol’ One Trick Pony here has a Thing for Spring.

And every weed I see might be a flower I don’t know the name of yet, and might be worthy of my attention.

So I tend to slow down when I’m holding a camera and pay somewhat closer attention than I otherwise might.  And Spring is perfect for that, with every little living thing trying to get noticed, loved, polinated.

Here are some of today’s suitors.

A ground-creeping blackberry blossom:


A patch of Canada Mayflowers:

Canada mayflowers

Here a yellow Canada Dwarf Cinquefoil is, well, dwarfed by Sisyrinchium augustifolium, or Blue-Eyed Grass:

blue-eyed grass

…all four inches of it!

And lastly, a flower I know not the name of; it grows in foot-high clumps and is decidedly yellow, though some of its buds present as red:

yellow redbuds

It’s pretty lazy of me, I know, to post without figuring it out, but I gotta go.

Dancing tonight, ya know.


1. Frau Biergut - June 6, 2009

Well, when you roust yourself outta bed you come to the Rolling J and take some photos of our blooms in the dooryard. there are irises of several varieties and these GINORMUS red poppies. Maybe for a visit around sunset and the grille?


2. sherry - June 6, 2009

very very good.

3. Paul in ABQ - June 6, 2009

We clearly have a shared aesthetic when it comes to plant details and the glory of spring. If I had quality cameras and knew how to use them I would be taking the same kinds of shots. I love stopping to revel in the beauty all around us. Your sharing here nourishes my soul immensely.

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