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Random Shots. May 12, 2009

Posted by littlebangtheory in Art and Nature, Love and Death.
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A few from today.

The newly refurbished Bissell Bridge, where I worked today:


The Mill Brook is really nice through this section.

A cemetery in Colrain, with a wash treatment:

cemetery wall, washed

I like this treatment better than the full color original, though that was interresting to me as well:

cemetery wall color

…and as long as we’re seeing in color, here’s a shot of evening on the Deerfield:

Dfld evening

…and a sunset over Mount Todd:

Todd sunset

Hope you like ’em.


1. kkryno - May 12, 2009

All beautiful!

My favorite is the cemetary with the wash.


2. floreta - May 13, 2009

excellent photos! i really liked the wash treatment!

3. sherry - May 13, 2009

the 1st 2 are treasures!

4. ymp - May 13, 2009

Having been raised by two Civil Engineers and thus having spent a lot of time around bridges, I love the covered bridge. It’s a great bridge and a great photo.

5. Lisa - May 13, 2009

Love this set. And yes – the color-edited cemetery scene is beautiful and a bit ethereal looking.

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