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Ordinary Moss. May 9, 2009

Posted by littlebangtheory in Art and Nature, macro photos.
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Amidst the ordinary looking moss of an old graveyard by the Deerfield river…

Dunbar grave yard

…a myriad of miracles awaits discovery.

Come closer, I’ll show you.

The moss is blooming, its erect flowers filled with the day’s rain:

Moss cups

Sheathed appendages rise on filamentous stalks…

moss, sheathed

…while new blooms glow golden in the evening light:

golden moss cups

And don’t miss the tiny flowers:

Viola Sororia lords it over a lichen patch:

brains and violets

Some day I’ll show you that last image in person, large format.

I think you’ll like it.


1. sylvia - May 9, 2009

Those are incredible! I’ve never seen anything like it at all! Learn something new from you everyday, CR! Hope the rest of your weekend is terrific!

2. sherry - May 10, 2009

truly wonderful. thanks!!!

3. littlebangtheory - May 11, 2009

Thanks. And it was. 😉

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