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Dinner With TCR – The 100 Yard Diet Begins! April 30, 2009

Posted by littlebangtheory in Dinner with TCR.

At Chez Runt, Spring marks the onset of the Season of Free Food.  The fields and streams, the hillsides and roadsides turn green with nature’s bounty…  and I’m there to pick it!

The first freebies of the year are “ramps,” a sort of wild leek with a pungent garlic aroma and taste.  They’re abundant, if you know where to look:

field of ramps

…and unmistakable in appearance, with their twin lancate leaves and red stems:

close up ramps

…not to mention their headdy fragrance.

They clean up purdy guud, too!

cleaned ramps

Coincidentally, they come out about when the fiddleheads do:


and they’re abundant as well!

So I picked a skad of fiddleheads, blanched them and put them up in two-serving bags (plus a big “company bag,”):

blanched fiddleheads

…and popped them into the freezer, except for enough for tonight’s dinner:

done dinner

Fiddleheads with ramps and a home-made corn-crouton salad, over penne pasta.



1. Bob - April 30, 2009

They have an annual ramp festival in the town where I was born (lived a man who sailed the sea). Actually, there are ramp festivals all over the Appalachians, come to think on it.

I can smell them all the way from Costa Rica, Cuz!

2. sylvia - April 30, 2009

Hmmmm yummy things to come, can see them already! Great and very appetizing shots! Have a great weekend, CR!

3. kkryno - May 1, 2009

What do fiddleheads taste like?

4. sherry - May 1, 2009

looks great. every time i hear “ramps” tho i think of a fractured fairy tale from rocky and bulwinkle.

5. Pagan Sphinx - May 1, 2009

Sherry: 😀 We don’t have to worry about CR. He could live in the wild and never have to kill mouse nor squirrel. 😉

What a great post, R! I’d like to link to it for my next green meme post. And I’ve eaten your ramps and fiddles, so I know how tasty they are! :

6. littlebangtheory - May 1, 2009

Well then, please do!


But sherry, despite growing up on Rocky and Bullwinkle, I miss the “ramps” reference. Clue me, ‘k?

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