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Happy Birthday To Me! April 28, 2009

Posted by littlebangtheory in Love and Death.
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…Well, actually, to Little Bang Theory, which turns two years old today (and I almost forgot!)

It’s been an interesting journey, from my first stabs at commenting over at Shakesville to Blue Gal‘s injudicious (but awfully kind) encouragement to start my own blog (Hiya ‘Gal!), to my first commenter, My Siamese Cousin Bob over at The Phydeaux Speaks Experience, to…

Wait, let me stop right there for a moment.

When I first started blogging, I had a lot to say.  Most of it was  psychotic ravings of a socio-political nature.  Some of it was tongue-in-cheek humor.  Sometimes I made feeble attempts at poetry.

And amidst it all, I threw in a few of my rudimentary “nature photographs.”

It was Bob who first (and most vociferously) championed my forays into photography, which proved to be a godsend, because before a year had past I had lost my voice, my ability to form cogent thoughts, to put them down in any semblance of readable order.  And without my photographs to offer as some scant proof of my continued existence, I’d have disappeared entirely from this amazing world of kind and brilliant friends, like Jen and Teh Portly Dyke, both of whom have helped my with technical problems which were far out of my league; like FranIAm (BTW, Happy real Anniversary, Gurrrl!) and Paul, the Byzigenous Buddhapalian, who reawakened in me a love for all that’s still beautiful about the Christianity of my youth; and to all of you who never knew my voice, but come here anyway and say kind things about my humble efforts.  I’m sorry to not enumerate you all, but again, my supply of words is being stretched beyond all expectations.  I trust you know who you are, and will forgive me.

Thank you all, from the bottom of my heart.

Oh, and a special thanks to The Pagan Sphinx, whose eclectic voice carries on championing social justice issues right about where I left off, and who shares our beautiful daughters with you all in a way which I currently have neither the grace nor the ability to do.  Thanks, Gina.  I still love you, you know.

Anyway, 70,117 page views, 871 posts and 5,669 comments later, Little Bang Theory is alive and kicking and grateful.

Well, OK, now my word-bag is getting light, and you’ll be lucky to get anything out of me for the next month other than single-word descriptions of my dinner.

Besides, now I’m late for my own birthday.

Bummer, Man.  😉


1. Laurie B - April 28, 2009

Hey Little Bang, love your blog. Photos and stories and your scrumptious dinner presentations. Happy B’day to you and your blog.

2. Paul in ABQ - April 28, 2009

Happy blogiversary, dude! I look forward to all your posts – whether stunning visions through photography or philosophical-political-spiritual musings or delight in creation and in your daughters, oh, and food! It’s all wonderful because you delight in creation and in the people you love. Many happy returns. (Also, I am honored in the mention; wow, I had no idea.)

3. kkryno - April 29, 2009

Happy Blogiverary to You, Happy Blogiversary to You, Happy Blogiversary Dear Little Bang Theory; Happy Blogiversary to Youoooo!!!


4. Bobbie - April 29, 2009

Congratulations on all counts! And thank you for your wonderful blog, your fantastic photos, and all the rest! Keep on keeping on.

5. sherry - April 29, 2009

happy happy!!!

i do love your blog and think of you as a good friend.

thanks for being here.

6. Bob - April 29, 2009


LBT is two years old!! Happy Blogiversary, Cuz!! Be it one-word dinner descriptions, lengthy photo-essays, or epic screeds, a visit here is always enjoyable.

Thanks for being you, my phriend. 🙂

7. Jennifer - April 29, 2009

The Internet is a saner, finer place with you here, Ralph. And easier on the eyes to boot 😉

8. ChristinaM33 - April 29, 2009

Happy Blogversary!

I’m pleased to know ya. I’m glad we met.
How did we meet again? Bob? Jen? Shakes? LOL My memory is so shot and I didn’t even do drugs as a youth.

9. ChristinaM33 - April 29, 2009

Oh! But I do recall the bicycle shorts.

THAT I remember. 😉

10. cabaretic - April 29, 2009

Happy belated birthday!

11. littlebangtheory - April 29, 2009

Thanks, everyone. I SERIOUSLY love you all, and really wouldn’t be here without your kind words.

Yeah, Paul, you and Fran redeemed Christianity in my mind by loving so inclusively. That attitude is a far cry from what I grew up with; my family was kind and loving, but had a narrow view of who was going to heaven and a much broader view of who was going to hell. 🙂

Christina, I’m pretty sure we met at Phydeaux’s Phyres, though we likely crossed paths at Shakesville (before they changed format and my password stopped working.)

And I’m a little bit embarrassed that you recall that Spandexian Indiscretion…


12. Jane R - April 29, 2009

Happy Blogiversary — thanks for the beauty of your photography and for making me drool with your dinner plates. 🙂
Love, Jane (another one o’ dem radical Christians)

13. littlebangtheory - April 30, 2009

Yes, Jane, another voice of sanity and love in an arena where intolerance seems to rule the day. Thank you for being part of the movement to revive the real Christianity.

14. Suzi Riot - April 30, 2009

Congratulations!!! I’m very glad you started it and grateful you continue! I’m always happy to see your photography and read your occasional rants. 🙂

15. sylvia - April 30, 2009

CR, sorry, I’m late! You know how much I love your blog and your fantastic and amazing photos — they always manage to take my breath away! So, Happy Blog Birthday, Happy You Birthday — whenever it comes! And have a beautiful “every day”!

16. susan - May 1, 2009

and a very heartfelt Belated Happy Birthday from me!

17. littlebangtheory - May 1, 2009

Ladies, thank you from LBT and me. And never apologize for being late to my house, ’cause it’s a state I, too, seem always to be in.

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