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Ruby Tuesday! April 27, 2009

Posted by littlebangtheory in Ruby Tuesday!.
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One from my Spring trip to Southern California.  Here’s the eye-popping visual in front of Sierra Saddlery in Bishop, California:

sierra saddlery

In case you doubted the continuing existence of cowboys.

Or their monumentally unrefined taste in advertising…

Thanks to Mary over at Work of the Poet for this, um, colorful meme!  🙂


1. DrillerAA - April 27, 2009

Absolutely perfect for a Ruby Tuesday. Wonderful photo.
Happy RT.

2. Chickensue - April 27, 2009

They sell tire chains for horses! What a cool shot…but how did they get the horse to climb the pole? Happy Ruby Tuesday 😀

3. littlebangtheory - April 27, 2009

Yeah, they don’t mind mixing their metaphors out there in the West!

Chickensue, rumor has it that they showed it a mouse.


Both of you, Welcome to my humble e-bode – I always enjoy having new folks stop by! (…well, DAA, you’re a two-timer, but still a fresh face, er, handle…)

4. sherry - April 28, 2009

terrific! and funny

5. A~ - April 28, 2009


6. Raven - April 28, 2009

I love the horse even if he does seem like an odd choice for u-hauls and tire chains. I guess he gets people’s attention.

7. dianne - April 28, 2009

that’s so cool! especially with the white in the background

8. maryt/theteach - April 29, 2009

A big RED horse up in the air! Love it! Happy Ruby Tuesday! 🙂

9. davimack - April 29, 2009

Thanks for the glimpse of home!

10. littlebangtheory - April 29, 2009

Mary, Dave (is that right?), A~, Raven, dianne, thanks for stopping by. 🙂

Sherry, thanks, I thought so, too. 😉

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