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Signs Of Spring. April 1, 2009

Posted by littlebangtheory in Art and Nature.

Here in western Massachusetts we’re in one of our “in between” seasons – a single day can witness the passage of driving snow storms, penetrating sunshine and gentle rains.

This week has been like that, at turns damp and bone chilling, then blissfully radiant.  It’s hard to dress for, but it’s home.

And outside my kitchen window, the birds are plying the newly snow-free ground for seeds:

little birdie

…while a nearby river wraps the sunlight around its polished stones…

river stones

…as it winds its way to the sea:

deerfield river

The beauty of this place, and I dare say of all places, is that it conducts the symphony of my life with such grace and passion and stoic determination.

Thank you, Spring!



1. kkryno - April 1, 2009

Yeah, Spring!

2. sylvia - April 1, 2009

It does look as though it’s at least on it’s way which is more than I can say about Seattle today — yesterday, yes, today, never! Really gorgeous shots.

3. sherry - April 2, 2009

it is beautiful there. it is a beautiful day here, finally.

most of the dark eyed juncos that winter here have gone north. perhaps that one in the picture came from my house! : )

4. Dianne - April 2, 2009

the light and color on the river is exquisite!!

5. Frank - April 8, 2009

The “Woodfish and stone bubbles” was a treat!

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