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Meanwhile, Back At The Ranch… March 31, 2009

Posted by littlebangtheory in Art and Nature.

…Spring is arriving.  The weather is unsettled, with passing storms and patches of sunlight chasing each other across the landscape:


Horses who stood stoically by their hay bales now wander the pasture nuzzling the earth for fresh shoots:

at pasture

Open water appears on farm ponds:

pond with birches

Wild turkeys no longer have to dig in the snow for their seeds and bugs:

little turkeys

…and cattle graze the venerable farm fields of New England:

venerable fields

The rivers are running, and the first few hardy wild flowers are appearing.

Stay tuned.


1. kkryno - March 31, 2009

So beautiful!

2. Bob - March 31, 2009

You gotta promise to continue appraising me of the changes of season, Cuz, now that I’m in the Land of Eternal Summer (now with bonus Rainy Season!!).


3. sylvia - March 31, 2009

Good to see you back! These are exquisite — I’ve already run out of adjectives for your wonderful photos, so forgive the repetition. They do, as always, take my breath away.

4. Paul in ABQ - March 31, 2009

So very nice to have you back. I have missed your photos, your comments, and your cooking. Probably wise to ease back in.

5. Russ - April 1, 2009

Open water appears on farm ponds: Man! there is just something about this picture that really jumps out at me. Maybe it’s the bush on the left, but certainly has alot going on. Thanx…

6. sherry - April 1, 2009

missed you! i love the pictures.

7. littlebangtheory - April 1, 2009

All, thanks. And Russ, welcome – it’s always gratifying to “see” new faces here.

Yeah, I like that one too; the decapitated yet indomitable willow on the left tells a tale, but I’m more enthralled by the incandescence of the birches glowing in the late-day light. And the spruces reflecting in the pond send it over the top for me, adding depth which a passer-by didn’t really deserve.

But then, Nature has her own way of apportioning these things to Her children…

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