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Jumbo. March 21, 2009

Posted by littlebangtheory in Art and Nature, Love and Death.

Camping at Joshua Tree is strictly regulated: camp in designated sites only.

What this stifles in my free spirit is more than made up for by the preservation of the area’s natural feel, even if it means we campers are all packed together in a few camping areas.

The most convenient (and largest) camping area is called “Jumbo,” and though there are prettier places to pitch a tent, most of the smaller ones get taken first.  So rather than scurry around in the dark trying to locate a vacant site in a pristine spot, we opted for the convenient Sure Thing and snagged a spot in Jumbo.

And herd mentality be damned, this was a pretty cool place to be:

jumbo campground

Hiking around the campsite was a trip – rock formations and canyons everywhere:

camp canyon

Lizz has the car-camping thing pretty wired, with a great tent which goes up easily, fits anywhere and accommodates two…

campsite at jumbo

…and a pair of plunge-pots for the morning coffee!

coffee time!

What an excellent tour guide!  🙂


1. FranIam - March 21, 2009

This is stunning – oh my. I can feel myself transported there through your words and photos.

Thank you. This is a treat.

2. Bobbie - March 21, 2009

Joshua Tree must be a really cool place to see. My daughter has been there, and her pictures were so beautiful, as are yours. Camping like that is something I have never done. I envy you the experience.

3. kkryno - March 21, 2009

Cool place! Looks like a great spot to camp, if you don’t mind sharing the space.

4. sherry - March 21, 2009

wow, that is really amazing! thanks for sharing it.

5. Bob - March 21, 2009


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