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The Smith College Bulb Show. March 20, 2009

Posted by littlebangtheory in Art and Nature.

Last weekend, while in the depths of my physical discomfitude.  It was elbow-to-elbow, and we shuffled through like livestock at a slaughterhouse.  No tripods allowed, no room, no time.  And I felt like crap to boot.

But the flowers were indeed beautiful, and despite everything being hand held at very high ISOs, there were still a few decent shots:

smith bulb show

lots of blossoms

Finally, a purpose for a “gazing ball:”

gazing ball

Left to right, that’s Yours Truly, my girlfriend Slim and Ultimate Spawn, my littlest sweetie.  I was so glad she could join us, and subsequently dismayed as my condition went down the tubes and I fretted at the prospect of her becoming ill when she returned to school.

Ah well, back to the flowers.  There were skads of them, all shapes and sizes:

red and white bunches

Some in clusters, some complex:

striped blossom

But really, my favorites were the simpler tulips:

white blossom

red blossoms

orange blossom

Sorry, no names on these – I was just trying to get through it without collapsing.

‘Twas pretty, though.   🙂

This weekend I’m going to try to get to the Mount Holyoke Flower Show, which has a reputation as being pretty good!


1. kkryno - March 20, 2009

Absolutely stunning! Each and every one; and just in time for Spring Equinox.

Thanks Ralph. I needed that! 🙂

2. Bobbie - March 20, 2009


3. nopostagerequired - March 21, 2009

beautiful shots! i especially like the close-ups.
thanks so much for posting. since graduating from Smith in May, the bulb show is one of the things i miss the most.

4. Smith College Annual Bulb Show « no postage required - March 21, 2009

[…] my favorite part about Spring at Smith. I know i’m an East Coast girl, i like having 4 seasons – but every year, the winter seems longer, and the ground seems to be blanketed in the brown slush for far too many weeks. the bulb show always comes at the perfect time b/c it’s near midterms and it’s been constantly dark and gross outside. daffodils and tulips may seem like just ordinary Home Depot single flowers, but arranged at staggered levels, colors and sizes – the sight and smell is breathtaking. The Botanic Garden does an incredible job every year,  they should have a live webcam up soon. even just to see the flowers through video is inspiring and rejuvenating – spring is soo close, i can feel it. my eczema and allergies are starting to act up. The 2009 Bulb Show opened on March 7, Little Bang Theory has posted stunning shots here. […]

5. Lisa - March 22, 2009

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! You are definitely a dedicated photographer.

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