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On The Road With TCR! March 20, 2009

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‘K, where was I?

Oh yeah, in Vegas.  Land of The Free, Home of The Broke, brightly lit lair of That Giant Sucking Sound.

We packed the Patriot (kids, don’t try this at home!) and got out of there tout-de-suite.

Headed south, we did, with Robert Cat eagerly scanning the road ahead for lunch:

robert at the helm

I’ve always found the desert to be intriguing, and thoroughly enjoyed the ride.  Lizz drove The.Entire.Way.  Which was cool with me, as I get out West so seldom and loved the opportunity to play Swivel-Head.

We headed for our first night’s destination, Joshua Tree National Park, a couple of hours south on the divide between the higher Mojave and lower Sonoran deserts.

Evening found us in the vacinity of the Amboy Crater, somewhat north of Twenty-Nine Palms, where we stopped to enjoy what would turn out to be our last colorful sunset of the trip – the skies just didn’t cooperate that way.

But for this evening, it was good:

amboy crater

Amboy’s black cinder cone punctuated the planar landscape as the wind, another constant theme of the trip, picked up.  In these conditions, rocks and bushes make better subjects than grasses and flowers, which refuse to stand still for the long exposures necessary in low light.  Here, dried tufts of vegetation dot a vista of volcanic rock:

volcanic landscape

And amidst the starkness, a single desert lily, Hesperocallis undulata,   doubtless in reference to its beautiful wavy-margined basal leaves:

lily at amboy crater

And then, no big surprise, the sun went down, it got dark, and we continued on to JT to camp.

More in the future, though this weekend is looking busy.   🙂


1. Bob - March 20, 2009

Dayum. Day effin’ um. This is gonna be so much fun as you expose your trip to us.

2. kkryno - March 20, 2009

Great description of Vegas! I lived there for awhile and it basically sucks your soul like a vampire! Hated it! The out-lying wilderness is chock full of stark beauty and that part I loved.

The shot of the desert lilly is my favorite!

3. FranIam - March 20, 2009

Oh my! Gorgeous, truly gorgeous.

4. Pagan Sphinx - March 20, 2009

I love the mauve tone of the second and third shots. Did you do something to achieve that affect or is that straight out of the box? Never having been in the desert, I wouldn’t know.

5. Suzi Riot - March 21, 2009

Joshua Tree was one of our regular camping trips when I was a kid. When I was 8 I fell and scraped up my knee so bad I had to get stitches. I still have an ugly scar. I loved our desert trips though. Your beautiful pics bring back some wonderful memories! Thank you! 🙂

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