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OK, So I Went Out West. March 18, 2009

Posted by littlebangtheory in Art and Nature.

Got there by plane.

Flew out of Logan International in Boston just as the sun threatened to rise:


…Down to Dulles in DC, then off to my destiny, over the corrugated hills of The East:


…the red rock canyons of The West:


Over snow-capped ranges


To Las Vegas, Cheap Flight Capitol of the World, where I reconnected with Frau Biergut and picked up our rental:


That’s Lizz on the right and Robert at the helm of our Jeep (in name only) Patriot.

Honestly, our little ride performed minimally throughout the trip, and if you’re shopping for a capable vehicle, keep the momentum up; this ain’t your stop.  The only remarkable thing about it was the Palm-Tree Floodlights on the roof!

Stay tuned for Part Two.


1. FranIam - March 18, 2009


2. Bob - March 18, 2009


Also, did you fly out there in a B-52? There seem to be a shite load of engines on that there wing. 😉

Looking forward to Parts Two – Howevermany.

3. Bobbie - March 19, 2009

Fantastic photos from the plane!

Palm tree flood lights? Come on!

4. sherry - March 19, 2009


5. littlebangtheory - March 20, 2009

Cuz, I think those are just cardboard mock-ups in case one of the two real engines falls off, so we Rubes think we’re still doing pretty OK.

Could be wrong, though…

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