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I’m Baaaaa-aaack! March 11, 2009

Posted by littlebangtheory in Love and Death.

…well, sorta.

After an amazing week in the desert with Frau Biergut, I returned home on Sunday to find the Perfect Electronic Storm brewing – problems with my PC, including loss of my CD/CD ROM drive, plus two out of three of The Boss’ two-way radios not working or repairable, plus my employer’s hand-held PC refusing to turn on, necessitating a hard reset to factory settings and the total loss of two years’ work.

And then, because my personal ‘puterbox didn’t have a CD drive, I couldn’t reinstall the operating systems I use every day at work ’till I resolved my personal computer issues.

Which took seven hours of techie-time, at $60/hr.Ā  On my dime.Ā  And so far, two consecutive all-nighters.

So ‘scuse me for a bit longer as I struggle to not get fired, which until about an hour ago sounded like a done deal, and still looks like a distinct possibility, though I’m seeing a glimmer of hope in the smoldering wreckage of my Essential Technical Systems.

But WHEN I get this mess sorted out I’m gonna tell you about an absolutely fabulous week in the desert with an amazing person, my guide and mentor Lizz.

That’s a promise!

…Now, back to work on this electronic spaghetti…



1. Bob - March 11, 2009

Damn, Cuz.

I effed my own computer up last week, so I know from whence yer coming.

/positive thoughts for you and your ‘puterbox/

And looking forward (still) to the desert pics. šŸ™‚

2. Paul in ABQ - March 11, 2009

Welcome back. I missed you something fierce. May the computer gods smile upon you, for a change. So sorry you’re having to deal with all this on your return.

3. sylvia - March 11, 2009

So glad you’re back! missed you! and I haven’t eaten in a week! So sorry for all the computer problems! what a pain in the ass after such a lovely trip! Anyway, take care, hope all works out well and look forward to hearing all the good stuff about your trip!!

4. Laurie B - March 12, 2009

I’m good for fifty$ on the repair.

You post such good stuff, I would to see it up there. And this trip, OMG, it’ll keep you going for a year! Looking forward to the photos.

5. sherry - March 12, 2009

hooray, you are back!!!

6. Bobbie - March 12, 2009

Yea! You’re back!

But what a bummer. So sorry for all your tech troubles.

Can’t wait to see your photos.

7. Barb - March 12, 2009

Glaaad you’re baaaack! Nice things, these smart boxes we sit in front of so much, but only when they work right!!!

Can’t wait to see all your photos.


8. susan - March 12, 2009

Well, I’m glad to hear you had a wonderful time and a safe return. I’ll look forward to the pictures too.. and maybe a hint about empanadas. Food is so much more forgiving than computers (or bosses).

9. Suzi Riot - March 12, 2009

Oh no! Well, I can’t wait to hear all about your desert adventures but in the meantime I will be thinking good thoughts about you achieving technological nirvana. Good luck! šŸ™‚

10. Frau Biergut - March 12, 2009

Nearly every day we talked about “next year” and adjustments to the trip to accommodate TCR’s nonemployment schedule. Next year might include Utah.

TCR, this is why we backup everything. At least all photos are in at least 2 places. Good Luck me friend.


11. Laurie B - March 12, 2009

Nothing like a road trip with a good friend. Salut!

Uhm, I’m still employed, Utah rocks, only 85% Idiots now. Since I got the really short haircut they’ve stopped asking me to join. That’s a fun thing.

I got $50. for this trip, can send a check, it’s not much, but share the wealth. I want to see the photos. It’s not much but I love the CR guy and advertise his stuff out on every blog I visit.

We’ve been out west a few times, love to visit, couldn’t live there. The wild west men vs. the “are you getting beat up at home” stickers in the toilets kind of told the tale.

We love us some Happy Valley.
Glad you had a great trip.

Let me know about an address, happy to do a minor help, might even pay for a new photo card. Looking forward to new photos and new realizations.

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