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And Still, It’s Winter. February 19, 2009

Posted by littlebangtheory in Art and Nature.

We had another “snow event” last night and into this morning, getting perhaps four inches of messy wet stuff.

The sunrise was cloaked in clouds and thus unremarkable, until the mists climbed the draws toward the light:

morning fog

…and eventually dissipated into a patchwork of blues and grays:

ridgeline in snow

A red-tailed hawk waits patiently for breakfast:

red-tailed hawk

Even still, Spring is hovering nearby, and I’m inclined to enjoy the last of this Season of the Long Nights.


1. sylvia - February 19, 2009

These are really breathtaking! Love the last one with the bird! Does look cold! Thanks as always!

2. littlebangtheory - February 19, 2009

And as always, Sylvia, you’re welcome! 🙂

3. Bobbie - February 19, 2009

All three beautiful pictures. This must be quite a sight.

4. dianne - February 19, 2009

I love the mist photo!! so moody and dreamy

5. susan - February 19, 2009

You’re making real winter more and more acceptable to me. We’re in the process of planning a Nova Scotian future but I’ll miss the Portland springs which last from Feb to June. Last week I saw snowdrops.

6. littlebangtheory - February 20, 2009

Susan, that sounds luscious!

But NS is an amazing place full of tradition and natural wonder, so I’m happy to hear that as well!

Ladies, thank you all for your kind words. 😉

7. sherry - February 20, 2009

i love the 1st one. oh it is so good.

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