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Interiors. February 18, 2009

Posted by littlebangtheory in Art and Nature, macro photos.

I’m not an interior guy.

But as the years pass and winter drags on, I find myself examining my own interior spaces more closely.

Today it was my desk which caught my attention, dusted as it was by a chiffonade of light filtering through the nearly-closed blinds:

desk and shaddows

…gilding a lily, as it were, with tiger stripes of sunlight and shadow:

abstract lily

lily and shade

inside a lily

With Spring just around the corner, it’s time to bust out my little Sigma 50mm lens and begin seeing details again.


1. kkryno - February 18, 2009


2. Bobbie - February 18, 2009

The lily is gorgeous. But is your desk always so neat and tidy? Mine is anything but.

I love the kiln! Absolutely love it! That is more my kind of setting than the desk.

3. sherry - February 18, 2009

that is a really nice space.

4. Bob - February 18, 2009

That first pic screams New England to me. Not sure why.

5. Tengrain - February 18, 2009

So, CR, is that what Yankee desks look like?

The Stargazer lily is stunning.



6. littlebangtheory - February 19, 2009

Actually, Folks, my desk is normally piled high with papers and ‘puterbox stuff, but the other day I cleaned it off and moved it out of my bedroom to make room for a queen-size bed. 😉

Thought I’d take a picture while it was still visible!

Ten, “Stargazer,” eh? That’s so cool. I love it that my visitors are so damned smart! 😆

7. susan - February 19, 2009

Very elegant – almost Japanese.

So you’re expecting royalty? nice 😉

8. littlebangtheory - February 20, 2009

Yes, “Royalty” – a Queen for this pauper. 😉

9. Lisa - February 20, 2009

Well done. You just keep expanding your capabilities.

You know, MathMan and I had those lilies at our wedding. I love them.

10. littlebangtheory - February 20, 2009

Lisa, C’est cosmique! 😉

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