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Ruby Tuesday! February 17, 2009

Posted by littlebangtheory in Ruby Tuesday!.

Here are a couple of semi-rubulicious shots from yesterday’s walk-about at the Sunderland Bridge over the Connecticut River.



The East Bank at sunset:

east bank sunset

…and the view downriver:

the view downriver

I know, I’m stretching the definition of “Ruby” here,   but it’s all I got.   😉

At least I didn’t include this shot of the bridge proper, which is utterly Ruby-less:

sunderland bridge from below


With apologies to Mary at Work of the Poet for taking liberties with her meme.   🙂



1. ohfrida - February 17, 2009

Just subtle bits of red. Perfect. I found myself on the Sunderland bridge just last week. I also took photos of the sunset that evening. Have I invited you to come by The Pagan’s Eye to look at them yet? Come over, then!


2. ohfrida - February 17, 2009

Ha! I wonder how that happened??? I’ve been trying to work with my word press account that is over a year old now. I can’t figure heads or tails of it and that is why I stay on with Blogger. Now I don’t know how to go back to commenting as Pagan Sphinx. Scratching head a little…

3. sylvia - February 17, 2009

Gorgeous as always! Love the first one, clever red for Ruby Tuesday!

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