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Birds. February 17, 2009

Posted by littlebangtheory in Art and Nature.

Here’s one in a bush outside my kitchen window:

little bird in bush

…and a pair of gulls down by the Connecticut:

brown gulls

Just playin’ with Gizmo.


1. Bobbie - February 18, 2009

No, it’s the other way around – ONE by the Connecticut, and TWO in the bush.

But I love the pictures.

2. Pagan Sphinx - February 18, 2009

Ha! Love the plump little bird. Wayne and I love the birdies! Thank you.

But you still haven’t told us what you’ve been up to lately! 😉

3. sherry - February 18, 2009

that looks like a female dark eyed junco. the males are darker.

they show up here in the winter from up north. then they leave towards spring. most of mine are gone already. spring’s coming. just not soon enough for me. ; )

4. Lisa - February 18, 2009

Love these. But then I’m a bird brain…..wah, wah, wah.

5. sylvia - February 18, 2009

I love them all! Great shots! But then I’ve run out of words to express my delight with your photos!

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